Home Remedies For Constipation In 5 Year Old

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Home Remedies For Constipation In 5 Year Old


Although constipation is very easy to deal with, it needs to be done with so much care especially when it has to do with infants and toddlers! Always check with your doctor!

Once you are sure that your child is constipated, you might want to think twice before pumping him/her full of over-the-counter drugs and laxatives. Certain laxatives have been implicated in producing unexpected side effects, while others can lead to more severe constipation in the long run.

Identifying the cause of your child’s clogged plumbing will go a long way to choosing the remedy that best works for you. There is a multitude of organic, natural ways you can explore to get the pipes flowing again. I hope you find the one that works for you in the list below-

Constipation in 5 Year old Drink More Water

Drinking more water

While this can be simple, it is a direct counteraction to constipation. Is your child producing dry stool? Keep him/her hydrated, and the stool is no longer dry. It can then be voided easily. The science behind it is not so complicated. Studies show that sparkling water (carbonated water) is better for managing constipation. Do not mistake or substitute carbonated water for other carbonated drinks such as soda and the likes. They can exacerbate your child’s symptoms.

vegetables for 5 year old with constipation

Include more fibers to the diet

Fibers have been found to both improve the bulk and frequency of bowel movements. Fibers are poorly digested, and they work by binding to water in the intestine, preventing it from being absorbed. Measured increments to the amount of fibers in your child’s diet are advised to avoid gas and bloating. You should also remember to increase water intake in proportion with fiber, or you could make it worse. High fiber foods include beans, fruits, vegetables, whole-grain bread, etc.

fruit juices for constipated 5 year old

Fruit Juices

Fruits such as white grapes, prunes, and pear contain the sugar, sorbitol, that is poorly digested by the body. It uses the same mechanism as mentioned above for dietary fibers.

leg bicycle movement for constipation

Leg / Abdominal massage

Massage can be used to relieve many conditions and constipation is one of them. Doing this in combination with bicycle movements in the leg of your child can help too. Massage movement patterns can be done by:
* Making clockwise movement patterns on the belly.
* Walking the fingers around the umbilicus in a clockwise pattern.
* Stroke from the margins of the rib cage to just beyond the navel, using the edge of your finger.
* Gently massaging the anus

Toddler Constipation Frequent potty breaks

Frequent timed visits to the toilet

This practice will help your child avoid fecal retention. As we have learned, feces that stay unnecessarily longer get dry. So, timing frequent visits to the toilet helps prevent accumulation in the rectum. Toilet visits can also be incentivized so that your child can associate cleaning out his colon early with a prize.

castor oil milk of magnesia 5 year old constipated relief

Using natural laxatives

Natural laxatives such as castor oil and milk of magnesia can be used to improve bowel movement and soften stool. They work by retaining water in the intestine.

outdoor excercise for constipated toddler


Studies have shown mixed results on the effects of exercise on bowel movement, but it is definitely worth giving a try. One sure thing, however, is that it reduces the symptoms of constipation.

eat prunes for constipated toddler

Eat Prunes

Prunes contain a lot of fiber and are rich in vitamin A and potassium which is helpful for your digestive track.

Eat black licorice for 5 year old constipation

Eat black licorice

Black licorice is a candy many people like, but it is also one of the most traditional home remedies for constipation. Eating too much licorice works like a laxative so you need to be careful and not eat too much of it per day. Licorice also contains a lot of sugar and is high in calories.

nuts seeds for 5 year old constipation

Increase your childs’ magnesium intake

A deficiency in magnesium can be a reason you get constipated. The mineral magnesium is found in nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables and in vitamin supplements.

molasses for constipated 5 year old

Try Molasses

Molasses is a by-product of processing sugar beets, grapes or sugar cane into normal sugar. Molasses is also a great remedy for constipation but it is very high in calories. Take one or two teaspoons of molasses in the evening before you go to bed.

molasses for constipated 5 year old

Ginger root

Ginger is used as a spice, a delicacy or medicine. Ginger is used as a folk medicine for colic, Gastroparesis, constipation and a few other symptoms. You can make a ginger tea by adding 2 tablespoons of powered or freshly grated ginger root into a cup of boiling water. The dosage varies from person to person. I recommend consulting a doctor for more information. Ginger is spicy, a little goes a long, long, long way!  For this particular item, I only trust Buddha Teas for my child! Yes, it’s hard to find, but Amazon usually has it, so I stock up a few boxes at a time! Buddha Teas has an organic ginger root tea that is Kosher, Caffeine-Free, GMO-Free, and has Bleach-Free Tea Bags!!! When I first found them on Amazon I was surprised at how cheap they were compared to my local co-op store! TWICE AS CHEAP!! Here’s the Buddha tea I get.



Infant Constipation Remedies To Know

Taking care of an infant and making sure the baby has a smooth day to day life can be very stressful especially when you are a new mother who is new to all infant stuff.

There are so many health disorders that we face day in and out but even as adults, no one likes to have constipation so just imagine how an infant will feel like when they have constipation.

The mere thought of grunting until your feces come out and the pain that comes with it can make one angry. There are so many ways you can ensure that constipation is out of your infants’ life. When the phrase infant constipation remedies are mentioned, it will be best to know that there are basically two main options that are; the home treatment and commercialized products treatment.

Although constipation is very easy to deal with, it needs to be done with so much care especially when it has to do with infants. There are simple home remedies like adding one ounce of water to their formula, or the making of prune juice because it contains high fiber that can help to control any constipation issues. There are also many medications like laxatives, etc you can give the infant to ensure that he or she is safe from any constipation.

Many people take for granted the health of their infants and provide them with foods that are not well balanced which are very bad. Infant constipation remedies have always been around and will always be but most people or parents cannot even tell when their infants are going through constipation issues which are bad. Some signs or symptoms that should tell you that your infant is going through constipation is when they cry excessively, do not want to eat and also do not go to the toilet. This should tell you there is something wrong.

Where it has to do with home remedies, it is fine to make them at home, however; it will be best for your own good if you do not go to the drug store and buy just any medication for your infant without visiting the doctor to check the child up.

Although it might be just constipation to you, with children you can never know. Never take infant constipation issues for granted and make sure you do not do anything that might cause the life of your growing child by self-medicating.



Baby Constipation: My baby is making one bowel movement every two or three days. Is my baby constipated?

We sometimes think that baby constipation is defined as having movements less often than adults. But that is an unreliable measurement, given that every individual has a personal sequence of elimination. Do not compare your child’s movements with yours.

A lot of bottle-fed babies go three to four (3 to 4) days between movement. However, they’re not considered to be constipated. You can say you’re baby is experiencing baby constipation only when those occasional movements look hard and firm in the diaper. Look also for bleeding from a fissure or crack in the anus resulting from forcing and pushing.

If your little baby’s movements are soft, do not worry. However, if you suspect baby constipation, consult your pediatrician. Giving your baby a little water (only when the doctor says so) might help. For babies older than 4 months, a small amount of prune juice may ease constipation. Again, check with the doctor before offering it. Rarely, a milk allergy can cause constipation, in which case a switch of formulas might do the trick (again, only with the doctors’ approval)

And don’t take any other steps, such as giving laxatives (even mineral oil) enemas, of herbal teas without 


Final Thoughts On Toddler Constipation


Most times, the remedies mentioned above are usually enough in combination with each other to manage the constipation episode your child has come up on. Constipation is usually not severe, and it gets resolved in less than two weeks. However, if it persists and is accompanied by symptoms such as fever, vomiting, blood in the stool, weight loss, painful tears around the anus (anal fissures), and protrusion of intestine from the anus (rectal prolapse), a visit to your doctor is in order. Let me also mention that you should never give your child laxatives without first consulting your pediatrician.

From a mom to another, I hope you find something that works for you young one here.

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