VTech Mobigo Touch Learning System Review

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My Thoughts

The VTech’s MobiGo (see it here) comes installed with the Touch & Learn Game pack which includes four games: Fantastic Forest, Shooting toy-story-vtech-mobigoGallery, Wild Fun and Ice Escape. For each included game, you get two modes of play – Easy or Difficult. You can download even more games by connecting the MobiGo to your computer using the included USB cable. The MobiGo’s system holds up to three downloaded games, or you can store even more games using the MobiGo Game Storage cartridge(sold separately here). Also, you can purchase additional games (search here)  featuring popular characters such as Dora, Disney’s Cars, Elmo, Chuggington, Toy Story 3, Mickey Mouse and much more!

dora-vtech-mobigoI found the MobiGo perfect for little hands. Each side has rubberized hand grips, making it easy for young kids to hold. Unlike some other game systems, I love that there is no stylus with this handheld learning toy, so there is nothing to lose! That is a big bonus for me! Gameplay involves using the touchscreen or the QWERTY keyboard. The QUERTY keyboard allows kids to learn both letter recognition while familiarizing themselves with the location of letters on a QWERTY keyboard.

Both my 3-year-old and 5-year-old enjoyed playing with the MobiGo. My 5-year-old didn’t seem as challenged playing the included games as my 3-year-old did, but that didn’t keep him from wanting to play with it. Although we haven’t yet tested out the additional games you can purchase for the system, it appears that those may prove to be more challenging for older kids.  I do wish the system included a pause button for the games. However, the overall system is fantastic. I found the MobiGo to be a solid system in that it allows portable entertainment for kids while proving to be educational at the same time.


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