Sprout Change Diaper System Review

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I am always looking for a great new cloth diapering system. However, what I have found is that typically you can only change so much about a diaper. I feel like I have seen it all! That is until I came across the Sprout Change diapering system.  (Starter System can be seen here) This is honestly a truly UNIQUE system. I have never seen anything like it and have fallen completely in love!

What the Willow Store has to say about their system:

After years of research, and cloth diapering her children, Catherine Bolden created The Willow Store. Dedicated to promoting a more reusable future, she created natural, common sense products that were easy to use, and complimented a more natural lifestyle. In 2005, WillowSprouts was born, and offered organic hemp diapering products to the cloth diapering world. Catherine spent years trying different cloth diapers to find the perfect fit for her son, who has special needs. Each diaper worked well for some things, but nothing gave the perfect combination of fit, absorbency and ease of use, so in 2010, she created Sprout Change.

The Cover

First I will talk a little bit about the cover. This cover is fantastic.  (see it here) It is a truly unique cover. The first feature that sets it apart from the rest is its color versatility. These diapers are REVERSIBLE! My diaper (Robin’s Egg) comes in a beautiful light blue and brown. You can put it on the baby either way. So instead of one cover I essentially have two! I have a light blue or brown cover depending on which side I use! I loved this aspect of the diaper. You get more bang for your buck in my opinion with this style of cover.


This is a side-snap style cover and is SUPER easy to use. You simply snap the two buttons on each side of the diaper and you are good to go. This makes it ideal for daycare providers or caretakers who may not be as cloth savvy as you. It is easy to figure out and not complicated which makes it an A+ in my book.  Even though this is a side snap it is also a ONE-SIZE. It is designed to fit from 5 pounds to 40 pounds! I love that aspect of this diaper because I can say it is a truly one-size diaper.  Most one-size diapers only fit from about 10 pounds on thus meaning you will need to purchase a newborn sized diaper when your baby is first born. The Sprout Change diaper eliminates this need. This makes it a VERY economical choice.


The adjustment system is different in this diaper as well. It uses waist and leg elastic bands for adjustment. In each snap section, there is a button. When you undo this button you will see the elastic. You can adjust each band to the proper setting for your baby. I love that the waist and legs are adjusted separately.  This feature makes this diaper one of the best fitting diapers we own. It is so customizable. I am able to adjust each leg opening to the exact best fit for my baby as well as adjust the waist. Then I just snap the button back and I am good to go until my baby grows again. As many of you know I have two babies in cloth (118-month-old and 7 month old). This diaper cover fits them both great. I had no leaking issues on either baby.

The Legs

The legs have great gussets that really help contain the mess and the cover was very breathable. I did not see a single case of diaper rash using this diaper cover.  This cover can be used with prefolds, fitteds, flats, or any various inserts making it easy to incorporate in your current stash.

The Insert

Now let’s talk a little bit about the insert. The insert is one-size and is one long piece of fabric. The ends can be folded down to your desired length. The insert comes in two styles:

Stay Dry-Soft microfleece on top of absorbent microfiber keeps baby ultra dry and fresh.
Organic-Organic Cotton Fleece over organic hemp/cotton fleece keeps baby covered in only natural fibers, and ultra absorbent for heavy wetters, yet still fast absorbing to avoid leaks!

I purchased the organic insert and it was fabulous! This was a VERY absorbent insert. My toddler is an incredibly heavy wetter and we use boosters with our prefolds and most inserts. With this insert, we did not need the booster. It also kept his skin nice and dry. I absolutely loved this insert. I even used it in some of my other covers.

All-in-all I loved this diaper. It was absorbent, leak-free, and very unique. I find my self-reaching for this diaper ever time it is clean.



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