The Pottete Plus 2-in-1 Seat Review

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When it came to potty training our youngest daughter, who is now nearly 3, it was quite straightforward. I say straightforward in the sense that there were obviously some accidents along the way, as well as a need for patience and understanding from both sides.

At home it was fine but what about going out for the day or whilst traveling from A to B? The answer is quite simply the Potette Plus. It is easy to store and way more convenient to take with you when away from the home.

The Potette Plus is not just a portable potty; it is just as useful in the home or when using a toilet elsewhere. When a regular toilet seat is too big for a toddler, the Potette Plus provides a more suitable and comfortable seat for small behinds.


  • Easy and convenient to carry anywhere
  • no need for cleaning or rinsing after every use
  • dual purpose – its a portable potty and a training seat
  • very easy to use when in a hurry
  • easily sits upon any regular toilet for comfort and hygiene


  • None!

Away From Home

The main reason that most parents or carers buy the Potette Plus is for its portability, otherwise, a regular, standard potty would do. The problem with taking a regular potty with you when away from home is that it takes up valuable space. You would not be able to carry a regular potty in a changing bag or even in a buggy unless it has a tonne of space available.

The Potette Plus is the same size as a regular potty when in use but folds down flat for easy storage and carriage. This makes it an ideal accessory to take with you when out and about with young children. It takes up very little space, being just 4″ – 5″ wide with the legs folded up.

The potty itself is a seat with legs. Therefore, anything your child does will go straight through to the ground. This could be acceptable if on a walk in the woods, where any… erm, ‘business’ could be covered over out of others’ way. However, there are disposable liners available for the Potette Plus that make it clean and easy to use.

These liners are essentially a plastic bag with handles at the top but they have an absorbent pad attached inside to take care of fluid so it isn’t sloshing around in the bag after use. Of course, you don’t have to pay for branded bags with absorbent pads; you could just use any plastic bag as long as it fits.

Something that is very important to me is hygiene. The Potette Plus is pretty good in that the bag takes care of things by completely covering the seat and legs of the potty. After use, you can easily remove the bag from around the potty and dispose of it. The potty can then be folded down and stored away.

The legs of the Potette Plus have non-slip bases. This means that no matter where you use the potty it is safe and secure on most surfaces. If you are in a hurry or a rush there is no need to worry; just set it down and get on with it.

In The Home As A Training Seat

The Potette Plus is a great training seat for a toddler. It isn’t just a portable potty, it is also a smaller seat that fits over a regular toilet seat. If you are out and about away from home but there are toilets available, you can still use them. There are two advantages of using the Potette Plus on a regular toilet:

Hygiene – if you are using a restaurant toilet or a toilet in a public place, is it as clean as your own toilet at home? It may look OK but by using the Potette Plus your child doesn’t have to have any contact with the toilet; they can sit above it on their training seat.
Comfort and familiarity – if your toddler is using the Potette Plus at home or when out and about they can still benefit from it when there is a toilet available. They will find it more comfortable and they won’t have to hold themselves up on a larger seat and nor will you have to hold them either.

When used as a training seat on a regular toilet there is no requirement to use a plastic bag. The legs of the Potette Plus simply fold outwards, locking into position to provide a sturdy support for the seat on each side of the bowl.

A Top Tip

Something I recommend that you do with the Potette Plus is to keep a bag already in place on it so it is already prepared for the next use. I have had occasions when my daughter has told me she needs the toilet but by the time it took me to get the potty out, find a bag and put it on, it was too late!

It is amazing how something so simple as getting your little toddler on to a toilet becomes a frantic rush, often resulting in an unsuccessful experience. Have your Potette Plus ready, have it somewhere so it is easily accessible and next time it’ll be a breeze.

You may say that using a regular potty would be much easier; no bags, no rushing around. But, you will still need to clean it afterward and you may not be in a position to do this properly. At least with a disposable bag over the Potette Plus will take away the need for cleaning and rinsing each time.

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