Heck Yeah! New Package Of Fuzzibunz Cloth Diapers Arrived

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A friend of mine was recently telling me that she had heard nothing but rave reviews on the one size pocket Fuzzibunz cloth diaper. (see them here)

Fuzzibunz Cloth Diapers

Count me in on the FuzziBunz Lovers’ Bandwagon! Although I have a healthy stash of FuzziBunz in Joclyn’s Cloth Diaper Stockpile, I felt the need to get another one! There’s a limit on how many cloth diapers designs you can have… Said No One EVER! I’m always looking for new designs, colors, and patterns to test and review. I love giving my opinion, even when not asked for it. (Just ask hubby) My goal is to examine each purchase as if I’ve never tried this brand before and to give you my honest feedback.

Fuzzibunz Cloth Diapers

I received this Fuzzibunz just a few weeks ago. My initial thought was that it was a tad smaller than my other “one size” diapers.  The inserts are a tad smaller than my other inserts, too.  But they fit the diaper perfectly.

My next inspection was of their cool size system.


The elastic is simply adjusted to size along the edge.  Then, tuck it in so it is kept in place and away.

And, you get an extra two pieces of elastic along with your diaper, inserts and already placed pieces of elastic.

Fuzzibunz Cloth Diapers

I love that these diapers have not one but two snaps on each side to keep the front in place.  They are secure and hold well.

I have used this diaper several times.  It has not leaked once.  The inserts are very absorbent.  The diaper is certainly good quality.

Size aside, these diapers are definitely a good choice.  As you can see though, even being smaller than my other diapers, they fit Jocelyn’s bum well.  I expect they will last at least until 30 pounds.  Which, to me, is still a great diaper.

I think if I were pregnant, these would be a huge consideration.  Even being 14 months, they are a decent investment, but from infant stage on, I think one would get even more so their money’s worth.



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