Haute Pockets Diaper Review – I give Haute Pockets a D

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When I decided to buy cloth diapers, I first decided that I wanted to go with “All in Ones.” I wasn’t too sure about cloth diapering, and these diapers are basically like a disposable.



When I tried cloth diapering with Jeremiah, I chose Bum Genius. I really liked a lot of things about them, but I couldn’t stand the velcro. It seemed a little rough on him and, well, it lost stickiness rather quickly.

We are still using these diapers with Rayanna, but they don’t stick well, so she can only wear them with tight(ish) pants or sweats when she sleeps and is wiggling and moving less.



I expect the older and more mobile she gets; the less these will get used. I already came in the other morning and had one mostly off under her jammies. Luckily, it was only urine.



Instead of investing in diapers I didn’t feel like we got our money’s worth, I chose Haute Pockets this time around. (Since I bought these, Haute Pockets has gone out of business, and will not be linked. However, I suspect they will come back once they make some major changes.)



They are basically the same as a Bum Genius but have snaps instead of velcro.



When they first arrived, I LOVED them. I was so excited to be cloth diapering. The colors were vibrant, and they were so unbelievably soft.



The inserts are nice. I mean, fresh, clean, new WHITE inserts look fabulous, right? Well, for the most part. The inserts did show me immediately that they were rather lesser quality than Bum Genius diapers. They were sewn rather crooked, most of them. But that wasn’t really an issue since it’s hidden.



However, the inserts are also lacking absorbency in comparison to Bum Genius.



I can’t remember the time frame, but rather quickly the teal and red’s seemed to have a problem with the plastic lining coming apart from the outer cover.



It’s difficult to see in these photos, but if you look closely, you might notice that the liners are no longer attached to the back.



Haute Pockets Diaper Review



Haute Pockets Diaper Review
This bothered me, but I’ll be honest, I can be very lazy. I didn’t do a thing about it for months. I figured they were getting weaker and eventually, it was going to get a hole.



I was right.
Haute Pockets Diaper Review
But then, the diapers started losing elasticity in the legs.



Haute Pockets Diaper Review



I mean, look at that white one. It has NO elasticity left, whatsoever.



The blue is shown for comparison. Like how the others lost one side?
Haute Pockets Diaper Review
I mean, are you kidding me? You can’t have POOP leaking out the sides. Gross.



I looked them up online and left a review of my experience. But the company has closed, and while they may or may not return, I was stuck with all of these diapers, more than 10, I believe with “problems.” Plus a dozen more that I suspect will do the same.



So, I contacted Nicki’s Diapers, which was where I purchased them. They didn’t even ask for proof.Though I am an honest one, so I sent them “photographic evidence” of my issues.



They mailed me out (almost immediately) 10 new diaper covers. Granted, they are still Haute Pockets, and I imagine, they will likely have the same issues. But I guess I at least got double the life of what I would have gotten had they not replaced them?



In short,  (for now) I give Haute Pockets a D.



I have a feeling they’ll be back, but for now, they are not in business. When they are, I hope they find this review and consider making some changes. The snaps are great, but a lot of other companies are on their way to this change anyways.



What brands do you use? I kind of sort can’t wait for some of the rest to “fail” me so I can play and try new ones. It can be so addicting to cloth diaper! It’s so much fun.



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