Graco My Ride 65 Review

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I have been contemplating how to write this Graco review for about a week now. Let me start by saying I am a HUGE Graco Baby fan. Always have been, because they have amazing customer service anytime I have had to call or have had a problem (which are few). They have always been willing to go above and beyond to do whatever needed to be done to fix the problem. I have had swings, play yards, bouncers, Strollers, and highchairs from them.

We had had just found out that my MIL’s car seat that she was using for my daughter was expired. It’s not safe to use expired car seats, and we had not been allowing her to go with her grandma because she didn’t have a safe car seat for my daughter to ride in. So when my MIL said she would get us a brand new one, if she could have ours, I knew I wanted a Graco this time! We have always gone with other brands for car seats. Mainly because they were on sale or because it was a gift from someone. I was super excited about getting the Graco MyRide 65.  So anywho! Here is my story and why I am even more excited about Graco products now than I was before.

Graco for baby… But first, let’s see if the toddler likes it!

We went ahead and set the Graco MyRide 65 up in my car. It was super easy to install, which I liked because it seems like every car seat we have ever had has been impossible for me to install on my own. I also liked that it has car mounts on both the top of the seat and the bottom of the seat, anchoring the car seat to the frame of the seat. Most car seats that we have had have only either had the top ones, OR the bottom ones but not both! So the fact that this one does both just tickles me pink! (Yes I know.. It doesn’t take much to get me all giddy with excitement!) I also liked that there was a place to put the car seatbelt through. I have small hands but even I have trouble getting the seatbelt through on some car seats and by the time I have gotten the seatbelt through I have jostled the seat so much that it’s no longer in the car correctly. I HATE THAT! It annoys me to no end when I finish putting the car seat in, buckling it all in and then check it to see if its incorrectly and it is so messed up I end up having to start over? Yeah. I have had to do that more then I want to admit to! This one was so easy to install it only took about 5 minutes from start to finish!

My daughter really likes how cushy and comfortable it is for her, its big enough for her to be herself and not be all scrunched up and still fits in the backseat. She also really REALLY likes that it has two, that’s right TWO cupholders. The one we have in our car only has one cupholder, and it is a little far for her to reach when she is buckled into her seat properly. So we still end up having to hand her juice to her with that one. With this one, she can reach it no problem and even has another one to put her cup of snacks in too! She also seems to like that the sides of the car seat by her head are padded. She falls asleep a lot during car rides, and usually, we have to help unfold her from her car seat. With this one, she just leans her head against the side and sleeps peacefully! Almost like a mini pillow!

Graco My Ride 65 Review

Airline Approved

I really just can’t say enough about this car seat! Its airline approved so I will be able to take it with us when we travel to see my parents in the new year! (You would be surprised at how many car seats aren’t airline approved!) It also will be really easy to comply with the new car seat rules since this car seat tells you how heavy it is! Then all you have to do is weight your child and add the two numbers together to get their combined weight for the new laws! And I love that the lowest weight on it is 5lbs which means that even though I am using it for my toddler right now, I will be able to use it for the new baby we are trying to have!! Isn’t that awesome? One car seat to last him or her their whole car seat career instead of having to buy 2-3 like we have had to do with our daughter.

Here are some specs from the website for those that are interested in more in-depth information.

  • Keeps baby in the rear-facing position from 5-40 lbs
  • Keeps your forward-facing child harnessed from 20-65 lbs
  • Rigorously crash tested to meet or exceed US safety standards and help reassure safety-conscious parents
  • SafeSeat engineered, and crash tested to meet or exceed US standard FMVSS 213
  • Side-impact tested* (*In addition to meeting or exceeding all applicable US safety standards, the MyRide 65 has been side impact tested for occupant retention by the harness system)
  • EPS, energy-absorbing foam for effective impact energy management
  • Removable toddler headrest help keep baby comfy
  • LATCH equipped with an easy-to-read level indicator for hassle-free installation
  • 5-point, front-adjust harness helps you get baby in and out
  • Dual cup holders keep drinks within your child’s reach
  • Approved for airplane use
  • The weight of seat is 15.8 lbs (without child)
  • Dimensions: 27″L x 20.75″W x 26″H

Care and Maintenance:

  • Machine-washable seat cushion
  • Metal and plastic parts may be cleaned with mild soap and water
  • Buckle may be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Harness straps may be spot cleaned

Buckle Sticks?

Edit: Since they recall so many of their car seats right now because of a buckling problem I have been asked many times by friends and family my thoughts on the recall and whether or not I still plan on using my Graco Myride 65 with the new baby. So here is my opinion on it. Yes, I will still use it. I personally would rather a buckle get stuck, then for it to pop open on impact and throw my baby from a car. I carry pocket knives, my husband carries knives, and in every door of our car is a window kit that includes a seatbelt cutter. I commend Graco for volunteering to have a recall and fix the problem rather than ignoring it and blaming the problem on user error. Which is how I feel about it. If you don’t keep the straps clean of course, they are going to stick. I personally make sure to wipe them down anytime anything gets spilled in my car seats. You don’t want your kids in sticky car seats anyway! I think if it was a bigger problem.. or if the straps came undone or off in a crash then I would be more likely to worry about it. But a buckle that locks in a crash? Well, that is a risk in a normal seatbelt. Why would I think it would be any different in a baby seat? If you have a problem with it.. you have the option of calling and having Graco send you the replacement piece. But I would be more worried about messing with the straps to install the new buckle.. and if this one is easier to open… well, that means my child is more likely to open it as well. If you want more info about the recall, you can get that information here from Graco. Including which car seats are in the recall and where to go to get the replacement part.


As always, this post is NOT sponsored! The car seat was purchased by my MIL, and all opinions are my own and 100% genuine! Hope it helps.

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