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We all know the reasons to cloth diaper our babies:

  • Health– no toxins in cloth diapers mainly Tributyl-tin (TBT) – a toxic pollutant known to cause hormonal problems in humans and animals.*
  • Environmental– for a disposable diaper to decompose it is estimated to be about 500-800 years, long after your children, grandchildren and great, great, great grandchildren will be gone*.
  • Cost– Prices for disposable diapers come from the least expensive package of  2 popular brands from a discount chain store Grand Total: $2577.35, Average cost per change: $0.36. Cloth diapering Grand Total: $381.00, Average cost per change (including washing): $0.06**

But did you know that these statistics apply to sanitary napkins as well?!

One woman uses approximately 15,000 sanitary napkins in her lifetime. It takes 500-800 years for a conventional sanitary pad to decompose.*** The same time frame as a diaper! Sanitary napkins contain a blend of chlorine-bleached pulp, polypropylene, polyacrylates, and plastic, published scientific reports show growing evidence that even low levels of dioxins may be linked to cancer, endometriosis, low sperm count, and immune system suppression.*** I started thinking about it and realized we use cloth diapers on our precious babies, maybe we should start using cloth on OUR precious parts! I decided to try out some cloth pads, mainly Glad Rags.

I started out with a zippered pouch for the pads with an inner water-resistant bag, a panty liner, and a day pad with inserts.

GladRags Review

The GladRag Pantyliner

The first product I tried was the panty liner. It snaps on very easily and stayed in place really well. I prefer full coverage, so this was not the most comfortable for me. However, it was MUCH more comfortable than a disposable panty liner. I was able to do my normal activities without getting irritated or uncomfortable. I was able to use panty liners for two days (washing every night) before I switched over to the day pad.

The GladRag Day Pad

The day pad comes with an outer cover and two inserts. It is very easy to put this pad together. It is very similar to a pocket diaper.

This is the full coverage I want! It was amazing! There was no itchiness, no irritation, no crinkly sound! It snaps into place very easily and can be used for heavier or lighter days depending on how many inserts you use. It stayed in place the entire day, with little to no movement at all. I was able to move around do all my normal activities without worrying about my pad moving in opposition to me. I absolutely love changing the pads in a public restroom, besides the zipper they make no noise at all! No more messing with the icky garbage can in the public restrooms. Both of the pads contained everything with no staining on my underwear.

The GladRag Washing Routine

The washing routine of the pads is very similar to that of cloth diapers. I put the dirty one in the inner water-resistant bag, put that bag in the zippered pouch and when it was washing time I just dumped the contents of the zippered pouch into my washing machine. I didn’t have to pull the pads out of the inner water-resistant bag they came out on their own. The best way to prevent stains is to soak or rinse the pads immediately in cold water, so the stains do not set. When I took the pads out of the dryer, there was no staining on them at all!

Final Thoughts

My main problem with disposable pads is they irritate my skin, almost causing a rash. With these GladRags I had no irritation down there, no rash, no complaints. I was able to go through this week without the added aggravation of being completely uncomfortable.

I recommend purchasing 10-12 day pads and 2-night pads. I love this product! I will NOT be going back to disposable pads. I am doing my bottom a favor as well as the earth and my pocketbook!








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