g Diapers Almost Made Me Not Cloth Diaper

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Before my baby was born, I found a few small g diapers at my local thrift store. I was excited to find them and when I finally tried to use them with my daughter she had newborn breastfed poop every couple of hours all day. So, of course, she pooped in them. Cleaning poop off of those was insane!! It was always everywhere and leaked out fast. it was so bad I donated them back to the same thrift store. I almost decided cloth diapering wasn’t for me until I actually looked up a video review of them and I wasn’t the only one with that experience. I do not recommend g diapers unless it is for your kids’ doll.

I was surprised at what others had to say about the gDiaper on Amazon!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the g Diapers Bridget. I liked the few I had. Of course, when I had mine, I wasn’t breastfeeding at the time, so maybe that’s what made the difference??

    Who knows why one type works for one person and not another! It’s great to hear all sides and experiences.

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