Front Baby Carrier Offers Baby Vantage Point ~ A Review of the Baby Bjorn

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Baby wearing helps parent and child bond while providing security and a free set of hands. The Baby Bjorn offers all this, along with a new vantage point for baby. (See prices and colors here)

Wearing a baby is a wonderful experience for both parent and child. An important part of attachment parenting, baby wearing allows the parent to be in constant contact with their baby, attending to their needs while getting other tasks done. Whether looking for an active baby carrier or one that will allow the baby to sleep while being worn, the Baby Bjorn has a style to suit the wearer’s needs.

What is the Baby Bjorn?

The Baby Bjorn is a front baby carrier, offered for many different options of use. It is worn with a harness which goes over the parent’s shoulders and back attaching to a front cover which holds the baby tight to the wearer’s front. The baby can be worn either facing in, or out, and safety clips on the harness make it easy to put on, and take the baby in and out of.

The Baby Bjorn is available in several styles and colors, making it easy to choose one that will be right for the wearer. Whether the baby carrier is intended for use in hot climates, cool climates, for infants, or older babies, the Baby Bjorn makes styles that can fit any wearer’s needs.

Advantages of These Baby Carriers

The Baby Bjorn comes in four different styles; the original carrier, the Baby Carrier Air, the Baby Carrier Active and the Baby Carrier Synergy. All four carriers allow a baby to be worn facing the parent, allowing the infant to sleep, with varying degrees of head support, or facing out and allowing the baby to take in the world from a higher vantage point than they might normally receive.

The Baby Carrier Air is made of an airy fabric which will dry quickly and wick away moisture, perfect for wearers who will be outdoors in hot weather while utilizing a carrier for the baby.

The Baby Carrier Active has extra lumbar support for the wearer, ideal for heavier infants, and for extended use. The Baby Carrier Synergy combines these elements for both warm weather and long wear.

Potential Disadvantages of the Baby Bjorn

The Baby Bjorn is a wonderful baby carrier, which is versatile and comfortable for both parent and baby. While the original carrier can begin to pull on the wearer’s back and shoulders over extended wearing, the Baby Carrier Active does a good job of re-distributing this weight for more comfortable wear.

While the carrier use states that older infants with good head control can face outward, babies need to have both good head and trunk control to comfortably face outward in these carriers. While wrap style carriers will go over a baby’s shoulders, helping to hold them in place, the Baby Bjorn folds down below the baby’s shoulders, across the chest, making it harder for a baby to balance, if the have head control but lack good upper body strength. To avoid safety problems, wait until the baby is able to hold themselves upright with ease before facing them outward.

The Baby Bjorn is a baby carrier that brings comfort and ease of use to parent and child. Utilizing this carrier will give the baby a new perspective on the world, while allowing the wearer to attend to other tasks and care for the baby at once.


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