Disney Planes Characters Toys Soar Into Our Home!

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I haven’t seen any of the Disney’s Planes the movies yet (feels like I’m always too busy to just sit down and watch them all the way through)… but my children have and they loved it! Jeremiah’s very best friend, Austin (and Austin’s mom Katie), is somewhat obsessed with the Dinsey Pixar Cars the movie, so when Planes came out, they offered to take Jeremiah with them. He went, had a blast, and still frequently talks about what a great time he had. We had the chance to check out some of the Disney Planes toys Amazon currently has and haven’t stopped playing with them yet! Although my original plan was to get the Planes toys for Austin, Jeremiah, and Jocelyn both fell instantly in love and I knew we’d have to hold onto them. Having not seen the movie myself made this online shop even more special for me!

The kids and I patiently waited for our Amazon package to arrive and as soon as it was at the post office, we went to pick it up. There was a great selection of toys to choose from, you can see the selection and lots of other pictures not included in this post in my Google+ album. Eventually, Jeremiah chose two pack of cars and two planes, and Jocelyn chose a 2 pack of cars and a Planes toy. During the entire online Amazon shopping experience, Jeremiah regaled Jocelyn and me with stories of each of the Planes characters from the movie. If you have a 4-year-old, you know how exhausting it is to listen to them talk… since it’s usually an ENDLESS STREAM OF NOISE; but for once there was something new and interesting that Jeremiah had to say – as a Stay at Home Mom, I usually know everything going on in my child’s’ life, but for once he was actually telling me stories about things I wasn’t around for.

Once we got home the kids played with their toys and have played with them every day since. I don’t really see this trend coming to an end anytime soon. I absolutely love when the kids play together, especially when it doesn’t involve toys that make noise or electronic devices. Watching them use their imagination together is such a pleasure, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy joining them every so often. Even the little one has gotten into the Planes action with a little nibble on Dusty


Jeremiah has been obsessed with his Angry Birds sets for quite some time now, so I can’t say it was a total shock when the bad plane (or at least that’s what he tells me!) joined the ranks of all the bad piggies. You can’t see them in the picture, but the good planes and all the angry birds are all lined up on the other side. Talk about a major showdown!!


The Disney Planes and Cars movie toys we got have become fast favorites with the kids and with me. I love them because the kids aren’t watching the TV/iPad/phone and they are actually somehow able to continue to play nicely together with them. If the playing nicely trend continues, we’ll be headed back online soon to buy more of these fun toys! I used to wonder at the collection of Disney Cars toys Katie had purchased for Austin, but watching my two (or three if you count attempting to eat as playing) play with these makes me wish I had started buying these earlier!

I’m a Disney freak, so I’m pretty excited for when Disney’s Planes the movie comes out on DVD. Seeing how much the kids enjoyed it makes me know I’ll enjoy it too… and hopefully, have a familiarity with some of the characters will make Audrey enjoy it too! If you’re anything like I am, you probably already liked the Disney Pixar Films facebook page, but if you haven’t been sure to do so!

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