Dear Squeezy Pouches

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Dear Squeezy Fruit and Vegetable Pouches,

Can I begin by declaring my undying love for you? I know this is a bit forward; we’ve only known one another a few days past a week. In fact, until just two weeks ago I didn’t even know you existed. Let alone were going to become the next love of my life.

Let me explain. You see, my son has never been very interested in food. Not when it came from me, not when it came from a bottle, not when it came from a spoon. When I put some cut up fruit or vegetables in front of him, he may eat a few bites, or he may see me watching, raise a bite of food to his mouth and then psych! He throws it on the floor.

I first spotted you on Amazon amongst the applesauce and toddler food. I had heard vague things about you before, and I had thought to myself, “When he’s older.” But there you were, so I clicked on the photo of the ingredients and read your label. Nothing but fruit! Hhmm… I looked at another box. This one had spinach in it. You have to understand, Squeezy Pouch, my son, has been known to spit mouthfuls of spinach back at me, so I was a little dubious about that box.

I bought the box with pure fruit. The box arrived within two days and that afternoon, when he was squalling for a snack, I tossed him a pouch while I cut up his chicken. He gulped it down in seconds and began begging for more. More! My son has never in his life wanted more of any food. Food has to be coaxed, sung and danced into his mouth. He wanted more! I handed him another, and it vanished the same, much like Dr. John’s Cod Liver Oil (a song I have sung many times to get my son to take another bite of food.)

I went back online to Amazon and I bought the pouches with the vegetables, and he ate them. All of them. In about five minutes flat it seemed like. He has experimented with them and has even learned how to eat them without using his hands.

We’ve tried many of your flavors, and he has enjoyed them all. I no longer worry that he’s still hungry at the end of a meal; I just hand him a pouch and let him top himself off. When I think of how much food was wasted trying to feed my child, and how much I save now that he eschews formula as well, your cost is well worth it.

Please accept my undying gratitude and humble devotion. I am yours. Forever.


Funky M.


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