Bummis Wrap Diaper Cover

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A diaper cover adjustable enough for any diaper

Perhaps the most popular diaper cover available is Bummis’ wrap diaper cover, Super Whisper Wrap. Why do I love this cover so much? The shape and size of the cover make it adjustable for all babies and diaper types. Soft laminated fabric and snug gussets create a leakproof fit. And, a choice of white or prints lets you choose your baby’s look.

  • The look you want – Do you like colors or whites? Choose clean white or cute print diaper covers, including occasional new and limited prints, for variety in your cloth diapering system.
  • Adjustable fit – No matter the size and shape of your baby, Super Whisper Wrap comes in the right size. Choose sizes from Newborn to Extra-Large to fit babies 7lbs up to toddlers 40+lbs. Adjust each size with overlapping Aplix hook and loop fastener (like Velcro TM), which allows you to adjust the fit quickly even with wiggly babies or toddlers on the go. For a snap-on diaper cover see the Bummis Super Whisper Snap.
  • Leakproof – Does it leak? That is what every parent wants to know about a diaper cover. Built-in gussets at the legs create a pocket for the diaper with a soft, snug seal around the leg that leaves you with no leaks.
  • Versatile style – What kind of diapers does the Super Whisper Wrap fit over? All of them! The full coverage of the Super Whisper Wrap means this diaper cover fits well overall flat diapers and prefold diapers as well as fitted diapers secured with snaps.

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