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The Chicco Polly Highchair has been billed as having “the slimmest fold in its class!” This is a quote from Chicco themselves. Both in the US and the rest of the world this Chicco highchair is highly recommended and well-rated baby highchair. It represents value for money, quality, and superior design. Compared to other similar highchairs it is superior in many ways. It is fully adjustable, well-built and comes in a variety of colors and themes. Best of all it represents value for money.

Since I bought it this Chicco model range has come down in price and there are some great deals available.

I have been using the Chicco Polly highchair for about 2 years since the birth of our baby daughter, Sophia. We had a list of must-have baby items we were working through, including baby changing bags, baby clothes, baby feeding bottles as well as a good highchair.

I was always taught that you get what you pay for and I have always bought the best that I can afford at the time. I have certainly not been disappointed so far with this highchair. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider getting one…

  • available in a range of themes and colors
  • five-point safety harness keeps your child secure in their seat
  • seven height positions & three recline positions
  • adjustable leg rest and foot plate
  • removable padded seat cover
  • easy to adjust components even with one hand

This model of highchair comes in a variety of colors and themes as you can see below. This is great because there is something to suit most personalities and tastes. The theme I chose was the Chicco Polly highchair ‘Seventy’. I love the fun, funky colors and the way it just jumps out at you.

This range is also known as the ‘Chicco Polly 2 in 1 highchair’. It is designed for children from 6 months to 3 years old and can adapt to suit any stage of that age range. Three years old is probably about the age that a child will no longer need a highchair so I am happy about not having to replace it as my daughter grows.

OK, this highchair is not the smallest or lightest but then it is not designed to be portable or taken out of the home for visits to Nanny’s house. This chair’s footprint is larger than most. Sometimes it feels a little cumbersome but there are design features that help with that, such as the wheels on the feet that enable the highchair to glid across most floor surfaces with little effort from me.

It is an easy chair to put together with minimal effort required. A few pushes fit connections and a couple of things to push into place and that’s it. Here is a link to the Chicco Polly highchair instruction manual.

Chicco Polly Highchair Seat Cover

One way that this highchair adapts to a growing child is with the removable seat cover. I like this feature because when Sophia was a small baby she needed some extra padding to keep her comfortably positioned in the chair.

The cover provides extra padding, mainly on the sides and this can be removed when she gets bigger and needs more room in the seat.

Something that I always do is try to keep things clean and tidy. A further benefit to the padded cover is that whilst I am using it the seat underneath remains ‘as new’ so when I eventually stop using and remove the cover it’ll be like having a nice new chair again.

3 Position Adjustable Reclining Seat

I love this part of the chair – this feature is a definite winner for me. Sometimes the timing of our meals can be important, especially when we are trying to stick to a schedule or when we were getting Sophia into a routine.

There were times when we had to wake her for feeding but this wasn’t a big problem because we could put her in the highchair and recline the backrest so she was comfortable and could still doze while the food was being prepared.

When she was younger she would often have a bottle of milk in her chair in the mornings. I found that whilst sat up she found it difficult to raise the bottle enough to get all the milk out. I liked the idea of being able to recline her backward, which helped tilt the bottle further without effort from her so she could finish her drink.

7 Height Positions

This feature is particularly useful when using the highchair in different places around the house. We have a breakfast bar in the kitchen, which is higher than a normal table top. At the highest position, the chair is at just the right height that we can eat our meals in the kitchen with Sophia and she doesn’t feel left out.

When we have guests for dinner the highchair can be pulled up to the dinner table so that we can all eat together at the same time. A quick adjustment using the brightly colored buttons makes the seat lower and Sophia can come closer to the table with the rest of us.

Brightly Coloured Buttons

At this point, it is worth mentioning the buttons or adjusters, as my wife calls them. Whichever theme you choose each component of the highchair that can be adjusted or changed is highlighted by using a color that contrasts against the rest of the chair.

In my photos, you can see all the adjusters are in orange. Pushing or lifting them allow things like the backrest to recline, the seat height to be elevated or lowered, the chair to be folded. Most of them are easy to adjust with one hand too.

Slimmest FoldIn It’s Class

Something that the Chicco highchair has is something called a slim fold. I was surprised, given the overall size of the highchair, that it actually folds up very well. Although we have a large kitchen we don’t have many places where the highchair can be hidden away. The way I see it is that we use it every day so why store it away? For a foldable highchair, this Chicco chair does quite well. The tray attaches to the back legs of the chair, the leg rest folds down and the legs fold together. With the chair height at its lowest, this highchair takes up very little room at all.

5-Point Safety Harness

Safety is paramount in anything you do with your young child. You will not be disappointed with the safety features on this high chair.

Fully adjustable straps are securely fitted through the frame of the backrest and can easily be removed for cleaning. Both of these aspects are important to me. The straps are made from a tough woven material and can get messy if things are spilled on them. Vomit tends to leave a horrible smell too!

The straps that make up this harness are easily removed as they anchor through the seat itself and thread through the seat padding that conceals the anchor points. Just last week I removed our straps and gave them a good soak in Napisan, a brilliant powder that removes most stains with just a soak. When they were dry it took me about 1 minute to re-attach them to the chair. 

The straps are adjustable around the waist and over the shoulders using standard buckles. This means that as your baby grows the highchair grows with them

3 Position Adjustable Tray

The eating surface of the highchair is removable. This means that Sophia doesn’t have to be penned in all the time if she wants to kick her legs out or play with a toy on her lap. The sliding tray is sturdy and solid. Underneath is a crotch bar that goes between a baby’s legs to keep them in a secure position, complimenting the safety harness.

The question of how to stow away the tray of the Chicco Polly highchair is designed into the slim fold aspect of this chair. There are two plastic lugs on each of the rear legs. The underside of the tray has two recessed parts. These are simply hung over the lugs which keep the tray attached until needed. The tray can then be lifted off and slid over the chair arms for use.

The arms are locked into position when down so the tray is not accidentally tipped. This is something I had even noticed until recently and is a good safety feature.

I like that the tray can be removed as it allows us to have Sophia at the dinner table with us. The plastic insert that clips over the tray is dishwasher safe, although I have yet to see a dishwasher large enough to house it!

The insert is a nice addition, though as is has raised contours that give a place setting with a place for a drink too.


When we went to buy a baby highchair we didn’t really know what to look for, nor what there was available. We managed to find three or four that we liked in the store and lined them up in the aisle. The ‘Seventy’ theme really stuck out and we preferred it to the others straight away. I am not saying this is the best highchair ever made but I am confident that it is one of the better ones.



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