Baby Wearing Wrap – Moby Wrap Review

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Baby wearing is a wonderful way for parents and babies to bond. The Moby Wrap is a versatile baby carrier which offers comfort for the wearer and the baby.

Wearing a baby has several benefits for both parent and child. Baby wearing keeps the baby close the parent’s heart, helping the two to bond, and is an important part of attachment parenting.

By allowing the wearer’s hands to remain free, a caregiver can go about tasks while simultaneously attending to the baby. A baby carrier wrap, such as the Moby Wrap, offers many ways to wear the baby, thus ensuring comfort for long periods of time.

What is the Moby Wrap?

The Moby Wrap is a wrap style baby carrier made of 5 1/2 meters of stretchy fabric. The parent or caregiver can tie the fabric onto themselves in several different ways to hold the baby to their front, hip or back.

By tying the fabric in the standard front carry position, the wearer can lift the baby in and out into various positions over an extended period of time without having to remove the wrap.

The Moby Wrap vs. Other Baby Carriers

The Moby Wrap offers several advantages over other baby carriers. It’s one size fits all, and can be worn looser or tighter by moving it up and down the wearer’s midsection. To tighten, simply tie it higher.

The Moby Wrap is also extremely versatile and can allow the baby to face in or out, be carried on the wearer’s hip or back, be carried in a cradle hold, or used for kangaroo care, or skin to skin.

By folding the wrap in half and placing it over the shoulder, it can become a sling type carrier, similar in style to a ring sling. The advantage over other slings is the ability to retie it in another position if the wearer’s shoulder becomes tired. Traditional baby slings put all of the baby’s weight on one side, with the Moby Wrap it is possible to distribute the baby’s weight across the wearer’s back and hips, making it possible to carry a heavier baby for longer periods of time.

Baby Carrier Wrap Drawbacks

There is a learning curve to the Moby Wrap and other wrap style carriers. It helps to practice putting on the wrap a few times before attempting to place the baby inside it, particularly if the wearer is new to baby wearing, or the baby is a newborn. Reviewing the instructions several times may be necessary.

The stretchiness of the fabric can also be a hindrance at first; as the baby becomes heavier, the fabric will stretch more. This can be helped by tying the fabric higher on the midsection, as well as washing and drying the wrap to have it shrink back slightly.

It can be rather warm inside the wrap for both parent and baby, so despite the fact that there are UV protected wraps, it may not be advisable to wear the wrap outside during hot weather.

Where to Purchase

The Moby Wrap can be purchased online by going here.

With practice, the Moby Wrap can become a parenting tool that will offer great advantages to both parent and baby. The comfort and style of the wrap will help ensure that it’s the first baby carrier reached for each time.


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