Baby Wearing With Style A Review of the Hot Sling

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Baby wearing is a wonderful component of attachment parenting. The Hot Sling delivers bonding and ease of use together with fashion.

There are many types of baby carriers on the market, and baby wearing has gone to new heights of popularity. Wearing a baby helps the parent and child to bond, helps the baby grow up feeling secure and confident, and allows the wearer to accomplish everyday tasks while being in tune to the baby’s needs. The Hot Sling delivers all of this while allowing the wearer to maintain their sense of style.

What is the Hot Sling?

The Hot Sling is a pouch sling-style baby carrier sized like a shirt to fit the wearer. Made of breathable cotton with a padded edge for comfort, it is available in many fashionable colors and patterns.

How Does the Hot Sling Compare to Other Baby Carriers?

The Hot Sling is a pouch style sling, which means that unlike ring slings, or wrap style carriers, it is not adjustable. This is beneficial, especially to inexperienced baby wearers, as it never needs adjusting. It will sit in the same position no matter how much the baby or the wearer moves around.

Made of breathable cotton, the Hot Sling is extremely comfortable to wear on hot or humid days. The material is thin, and the padding is only on the edge where the baby’s legs will go when in the hip carry. There is no extra material to wrap around or get in the way of the wearer, and neither parent nor baby gets overly warm.

There are three different positions possible to carry the baby in, making it possible to transition from one to the next as the baby grows older. Other baby slings and baby carriers may be able to accommodate different positions as well, but they will require adjusting, as well as a steeper learning curve.

Potential Problems the Sling may Hold

While the fact that the sling is not adjustable is beneficial for several reasons, it can have its drawbacks as well. As the Hot Sling is sized to the wearer like a shirt, wearing it over bulky clothing or after a recent weight loss or gain can cause it to fit incorrectly, making it uncomfortable or unsafe.

Since the only padding on the sling is on edge, not on the wearer’s shoulder, it can start to become uncomfortable after an extended period of time since it is recommended that it be worn on the non-dominate shoulder for the front carries and on the dominant shoulder for the hip carry, it is not possible to switch shoulders to give the wearer a rest during use.

Where to Purchase

Hot Slings can be purchased online by going HERE, or in stores.

For the fashionable mother or the inexperienced baby wearer, the Hot Sling delivers style and comfort for both wearer and baby. Like any form of baby wearing, the benefits are bound to continue for years to come.

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