What Do Vegans Eat?

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Milk Free, Except Really Not

This is a small selection of the food I just bought for Gunne Bear. Do you see the words “Soy” and “Veggie”? Do you know what you DO NOT see on the ingredients list? Milk, milk protein, or contains milk proteins. But you DO see this little word: Casein. Do you know what this word means? Because I didn’t until AFTER my son turned bright red and started choking, and I received a letter the same day telling me not to feed him foods with casein in them, because it’s a milk protein. Excellent.

What in the name of BOB do VEGANS eat? I assume things labeled “Soy” and “Veggie” are safe, but apparently not!

So I now have some Very Expensive Curtains and a whole bunch of Fake Dairy Products which I cannot use.
In less ranty news, guess who got himself a haircut yesterday? He was starting to sport a little baby mullet so I had him sheared.

Please ignore the stained shirt; he spits his non-milk containing dinner out at me, since he’s used to the same meal containing goat cheese and he was, um, less than enthused to receive the new version.



Funky M.

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