The Elimination Diet

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I think I’ve mentioned before that my son has some food allergies, as well as some eczema. Through the elimination diet or the taking away of one item at a time, we’ve managed to get both under control. I’m now using the Elimination Diet Workbook, (You can see it here) we thought we were good, we just never fed him wheat, strawberries, pineapples or mangos. Easy. Until today, when I realized why his eczema has been so bad the last week, and why I could never get it to fully go away. I realized why he’s been a fussy bear the last week, vomiting a few times every morning. Yep, it’s time to eliminate something else from his diet: Blueberries.

I’m not shocked; my brother is allergic to strawberries, mangoes, and blueberries. I’m allergic to pineapple (amongst other things that he’s never had because I won’t let them in the house) so it kind of makes sense that blueberries would be the cause of his latest problems. Especially since he had been eating a 90/10 mix of applesauce and blueberries for months, with mild flare ups and this week I’ve been feeding him blueberries every morning at breakfast.

I am so tired of eliminating things from his diet. Although I’m also grateful that we’ve figured things out pretty easily. I’ve met two other moms on my street that have kids with wheat allergies. One was not diagnosed until he was 3 and the other is currently undergoing the elimination diet right now with fantastic results at the age of 18 months. Both kids were given antihistamines and steroids before their diets were changed. That seems kind of nuts to me, giving small children medicine before trying other things, but what do I know?

I myself eat a very restricted diet for some food allergies/intolerances, so I’m not unfamiliar with the process. What’s driving me nuts is trying to find a way to cook meals that both Gunne and I can eat. My husband pretty much just lives off of whoopie pies no matter what is offered, so I’m not as concerned about him.

Tomorrow, I’m busting out the Kitchen Aid mixer and attempting to make some muffins that both Gunne and I can eat. If it’s successful, I’ll post the recipe(s) here and I’ll be dropping muffins off to the other families on the street with wheat allergic kids.

Does anyone have any stories or recipes to share as well? I’m kind of feeling my way here and it’s very discouraging to have to take another food away from him. Especially one that he ate with such gusto each morning. I kind of fear that before too much longer he’ll be living off of nothing but air and filtered water.


For those of you who want to know more about the elimination diet download this free pdf document.

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