Silence is Golden Unless You Have A Toddler

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The story I’m about to share with you reminds me of that saying “Silence is Golden Unless You Have A Toddler.” When Jocelyn started crawling early this week, I could not have been happier. She had been trying to crawl for weeks and was often getting frustrated that she could not seem to move to things that she wanted. Silence is Golden Unless You Have A ToddlerHowever, my celebration was somewhat short-lived when I realized the extent to which my house still needs to be baby proofed.  First-time mother that I am, I falsely believed that I had done a good job baby proofing. Jocelyn has proved me wrong and done so many times this week.


The most startling example of how I had underestimated my new little crawler’s ability to get into EVERYTHING occurred a few evenings ago. Here’s what happened;  Michael, Jocelyn, and I were enjoying a leisurely evening together. Michael and I were discussing the details of the day and Jocelyn was crawling around discovering all the things in the room she could previously only see in the distance. I, foolishly, had my laptop sitting on the mantle charging. Jocelyn crawled on over to the cord and began examining it. Since I was sitting right next to her, I figured that she could not do much damage. Oh, how wrong I was!

Strong Tug

Before I knew what was happening Jocelyn gave that old laptop cord one good strong tug, Michael gasped, and the whole thing came thudding to the ground. I quickly scooped Jocelyn up grateful that the silly thing did not fall too near to her. After ensuring that my little girl was okay, I moved on to the laptop. When I picked it up the LCD screen was completely broken, not the outer layer but the inside was ruined. I only wished I had taken a picture because I will never be able to describe the sickening look of the screen! So, what did we do the rest of the evening and all day the next day? You guessed it, research and purchase a new computer.

Lesson Learned

When all it said and done, I learned a very valuable lesson; babies are MUCH stronger than they appear and can cause more damage than you would ever imagine. I am only consoling myself by realizing that no one got hurt (praise God) and that my old laptop was old (almost six years) and did need replacing. I think Michael is secretly rejoicing because he has wanted to replace my old laptop for some time and I have been very hesitant to spend the money. My new laptop, a netbook, is much better than the old one. Here are a few pictures:

Silence is Golden Unless You Have A Toddler

My new Acer netbook

Silence is Golden Unless You Have A Toddler

My new computer and old computer side by side








Has your little one every showed you just how strong they were while simultaneously breaking something?



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