I’m eating everything in sight

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This no peanut butter thing is not working out for us over here. I am so hungry, I’m eating everything in sight. Last night, I ate through 2 bacon cheddar burgers, 1 roll, 4 slices of portabello mushroom, 1 heirloom tomato, and several handfuls of Smartfood. Then I went to bed with a stomachache.

I’m starting to sneak in peanut butter. After Gunne Bear goes to sleep, I look around and go, “Oh look at this banana that Gunne Bear didn’t finish. He’s not around, so I could just schmear some peanut butter on here and put the knife right in the dishwasher and not use a plate, and wash my hands after and…”

My husband is not helping either. Yesterday at lunch he made himself a Fluffernutter and sat down at the table with us. I looked at his creamy, nutty sandwich and then stared at my stupid cheddar, avocado and hummus wrap. Then I glared at him, “What? The doctor didn’t say I couldn’t have any peanut butter.”

I should note that we do not for a second believe he has a peanut allergy. His first pediatrician told us to try him out on it since I eat so much of it, and he was fine. In fact, thanks to removing blueberries from his diet and switching to cloth diapers, his skin hasn’t looked this good in 6 months. We’re just supposed to be careful, and I think we are, but something has got to change. You can count my ribs when I DO eat peanut butter, without it I think I could hide behind a broom.

In other, non-peanut butter related news, we took Gunne Bear into the lake yesterday. It was awesome; he totally loved splashing around and being swung through the water. Swimming lessons start at the end of June and they cannot get here fast enough to suit us!


Funky M.


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