How Do Toddlers Show Affection, Unprompted

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Unprompted.  I’m not even sure if unprompted is a real word, but it is for purposes of this here blog post.

I love my turkeys with all of my being.  They are growing so fast and saying new things every day that just shakes me to the core.  Sometimes, I will be struck with the utter simplicity of their love for me, their dad and my parents, who are also a part of their caregiving team.  We are very lovey-dovey people.  I tell my children I love them at least 100 times a day complete with hugs and kisses.  I think it is the most important thing I can give them.

Apparently, my generation is different.  I’ve had the opportunity to interact with some individuals who very rarely heard the words, “I love you.”  Hugs and kisses were not freely given.  Emotion was not something you acted on or reacted with.  No emotion.  Not love, not anger, not sadness.  I cannot fathom living in an environment where I could not freely express myself.  I am an extremely emotional being and thrive on feelings and expressing those feelings, whether it be love, anger, happiness or sadness.  Okay, maybe I have a somewhat difficult time expressing anger, but the others?  No problems there, no problems at all.

Sure, things in our house weren’t always peachy keen when I was growing up.  But the one thing I always knew, was that my parents loved me.  They said the words and they showed the feeling with action.  It is truly a blessing to have such amazing parents. I strive to be like them in my journey through parenthood.

Yesterday, one of my sons did something that nearly brought me to tears.  It showed me that apparently, I hadn’t screwed them up too terribly.  Yet.

Jocelyn bonked her head, or maybe she stubbed her “piggy.”  Or both.  She was crying, and I was comforting her when Jeremiah sauntered over, put his arms around his sister and said,

“I love you Log (does NOT rhyme with bog, think the long o sound, folks).”

That was the first time, unprompted; he had said those words to his sister.

Unprompted.  I think that is the key to parenting, friends.  We teach our kids the important stuff and hope they listen and understand.  We show them how to love by loving not only them unconditionally, but by loving those around us unconditionally.  We hope that something sinks into those thick little resilient skulls of theirs.  We hope that we can teach them good morals and values so that throughout life they can exhibit these morals and values unprompted.   We do this so they can feel comfortable giving out unprompted I love you’s to everyone in their lives, not only by using the words but also by their actions.

I think this must be my dream for my boys.  Love.  I want them to have a love of a spouse, the love of their own children and grandchildren.  And, of course, I want them to know the love of God.  That’s it.

Although, if they turn out to be billionaires by patenting a drug to keep mothers from losing their ever-loving minds on a daily basis, then I won’t complain and will lovingly help them spend their money on lovey type things, like trips to the spa and botox.

Love and peace,


PS. I’ll leave you with a current picture:


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