Do Pediatricians Pierce Ears? Yes, But Read This First!! (Our Experience)

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I was looking through some photographs of when my daughter was little and realized I had forgotten to write a post about her getting her ears pierced. It’s a controversial subject, I know, but I thought I’d share our experience so others may benefit from what we went through.

I had my 2-month-old daughter’s ears pierced by her pediatrician. She also got her 1st dose of 5-in-1 vaccine at the same office visit.  We, my husband and I, were both hesitant at first about having her ears pierced and the vaccination at the same time but our pediatrician said it was alright and that we shouldn’t be worried since she’s too young to remember.

Pediatricians Pierced Her Ears

So we had her ears pierced first, and she did cry out loud since she was sleeping. It was not fun. I guess we should have done it when she was awake. The pediatrician used a piercing gun and 14k gold baby earrings with her birthstone. Then the vaccine was given and since she was crying her cries grew louder, and it took us about 3 minutes to calm her. She was not able to get her sleep back, and so she became cranky and wanted to be cuddled all the time.

After Getting Her Ears Pierced

When we got home from the hospital she was not crying anymore, but she didn’t want to lie down on the bed, or the crib. All she wanted was to be carried. I was wondering which part of her was hurting, her ears or her thigh, but of course she couldn’t tell me since she’s only 2-months-old. I gave her a dose of Tylenol. It took nearly 2 days before she went back to her routine.

My Advice On Piercing Your Little Ones Ears

So as a piece of advice to others wanting their daughter’s ears pierced it’s

  • Do it while they’re awake with their focus diverted to another thing to eliminate the surprise factor that would make them cranky and cry a lot.
  • Have it done by someone who knows how to do it and does it aseptically to prevent an infection
  • Use 14k gold to prevent allergies and to promote healing as I’ve read from an article that gold has an element in it that promotes clean wound healing.
  • Have them vaccinated at a different day so that whenever they cry you’d be able to figure out if the crying is caused by the piercing or the vaccine.
  • As my grandmother said having them pierced at a young age like from newborn until before their first birthday would prevent remembrance of the pain and prevents them from touching or pulling at their ears.

Final thoughts

But all in all, I’m glad my baby got her piercing early so she won’t remember any pain from it. And don’t forget the cute factor!


What do you think? How young is too young? Should there be an age requirement? 


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