Do Blackout Curtains Really Work? Special Ordered vs. Amazon

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My husband is getting really tired of me re-telling the Saga of the Curtains over and over again, and could probably do without my calling him at work to rant about my latest soy purchase debacle, so I’m posting it here.

Let’s begin with the curtains. We shall call this Amazon: 1 Expensive Curtain Store: 0

Super Expensive Guaranteed to Block the Light out Curtains

I have a Small Child. Those of you with small children yourself know how important that magical time we call Nap is. In our house, I work while he naps so nap time is doubly important. So when we were moving, and I knew that Gunne Bear’s new room had two windows, I made sure to go to a curtain store to order Super Expensive Guaranteed to Block the Light out Curtains. Special Ordered them, I did.


I explained to the people at the store; They must block ALL light. Oh they do, they assured me. These are Top of The Line Curtains. HA!

We hang the curtains, and light gets in. And Gunne Bear starts waking up with the sun at around 5 am. Napping goes all to hell. Um, no. So I purchase some light blocking shades to go behind them, and they STILL don’t block as much light as my $25 curtains from Amazon do in our bedroom.

So after spending $260 on curtains, I went back online to Amazon and bought the same kind of curtains for Gunne’s room that we have. (see them here)



Finally; success. But at a total price tag of $320, when I could have just bought him the damn Amazon curtains, to begin with. But oh no! I had to talk to a curtain expert and special order special curtains that did absolutely crap to block the light in his room. We are now back to sleep until after 7 am and nap time has been reestablished.


Funky M.


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