A Pocket Diaper Tutorial

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A few days ago, I met with a friend to do my first meeting as a consultant for DiaperHQ. As I was explaining all the options for diapers, I realized how confusing it can all be. So, I thought that I would spend the next few posts explaining the most popular cloth diaper options. Today, we will begin with one of my favorites–a pocket diaper.

Pocket diapers are a very popular modern cloth diaper. Pocket diapers consist in a waterproof outer, a stay-dry liner, and inserts. The outer waterproof layer is made from PUL which keeps the diaper from leaking. The stay-dry inner layer is made from suede or microfleece fabric and is sewn to the waterproof layer to create a pocket. Then, the inserts, which can be made from a variety of materials (such as microfiber, hemp, minky), can be added to the pocket for absorbency.

The benefits of pockets diapers are that:
1. Pockets have a stay-dry liner built into the diaper which keeps the moisture off the baby’s skin
2. Pockets allow for adding additional inserts for greater absorption
3. Pockets are simple to use once they are stuffed

In my opinion, the biggest downside of pocket diapers is that the diapers must be stuffed after each wash.

Popular pocket diapers include bumGenius 4.0, FuzziBunz, and Thirsties Duo.

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