Pocket Cloth Diapers

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Pocket cloth diapers are probably one of the best innovations we’ve seen in the cloth diapering world. They go on and off much like a disposable, but with velcro or snap closures. These are so easy to use, simple to wash, and quick to dry.

What you do is stuff a little pocket with however much absorbent material (called an insert or a doubler) your little one needs. So you can customize for heavy wetters, nighttime, etc.

Most are made with a waterproof outer material and a soft stay dry inner material. This inner material wicks moisture away, keeping the baby’s bum feeling dry.

Pocket diapers are a little more expensive, but they are very popular and well worth the money if you can afford it.


Source: FuzziBunz


Pros of Pocket Diapers

  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to dry
  • Stain resistant
  • Keeps baby feeling dry
  • Customized absorbency
  • Available in fun colors and prints

Cons of Pocket Diapers

  • More expensive
  • Not as convenient as an All-in-One
  • Not made with all natural materials
  • Have to pull the insert out before washing

Popular Brands

  • Fuzzi Bunz
  • Thirsties Pocket
  • bumGenius!

Average Cost

  • $15 – $19

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