Overstuffing Cloth Diapers?

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As I have mentioned before, my dear Jocelyn is a heavy wetter (see my previous post). Thus, I have been accumulating extra inserts to help with this situation. I have a variety of inserts in hemp, minky, and microfiber. As I have been amassing these inserts I have been adding more and more into each pocket diaper and I have learned a lesson; overstuffing is just as much a leak risk as understuffing.

My personality tells me that if 2 inserts are good, then 3 inserts are even better! However, I have not found this to be the case with cloth diapering. When I add too many inserts to Jocelyn’s pocket diapers, I am finding that it causes the waterproof layer to be pulled away from her skin. This leaves just absorbent fabric in contact with her clothes and results in…you guessed it, leaks.

So, what I have learned from this whole situation is that it is best to use 1 or 2 highly absorbent inserts, such as hemp or minky, rather than trying to stuff 3 microfiber inserts into a pocket diaper.

Have you ever had a problem with overstuffing?



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  1. Ms. Hailie Luettgen April 1, 2018 at 10:56 am

    The way I convinced my husband to do cloth was All In Ones. We started slowly buying when I caught a good sale and now have a tidy little 3 day stash. Mostly Bumgenius, Blueberry Simplex, and Thirsties, (almost all organic cotton) but because of the aforementioned sales, it’s a pretty random hodgepodge. For prefolds (my husband might not like them, but I do!), inserts, boosters, etc, we love Green Mountain Diapers. They have great prices on organic cotton and hemp! I wish I had used cloth with my first, but I’m so glad I’ve found it now.

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