I’m Lovin My New AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers ~

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In my search for more microfleece diapers or natural fiber diapers, I ran across Applecheeks! I’d heard about them before, but I’d never given them a try, as we had previously been completely set on diapers.

I think my favorite part of the Applecheeks systems is their super-crazy absorbent bamboo inserts! The insert is a huge sheet of bamboo viscose that you can fold into whichever shape works best for you. We trifold ours and put the majority up in the front. The wide envelope style opening of the diaper helps the insert shake itself out in the wash – no touching necessary! The envelope is right in the middle of the diaper, which I was concerned about at first, but seeing how easy they come out in the wash, I don’t have to touch anything! (see them here, here and here)


The top shows the bamboo insert and the cover. The bottom photo is the envelope style opening!


My favorite thing about microfleece, I think? Poop just comes right off of it. Just sayin’.

Here are some more action shots of this diaper. I love the double rows of snaps and extra bunchy elastic!



applecheeks cloth diaper


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