FuzziBunz Diapers…Always a Favorite

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Ever since I began using cloth diapers, I have felt that FuzziBunz was a good and responsible company. Since this wonderful diaper was created by a mom, I felt that I could trust their product. A series of experiences with this company has confirmed my hunch.

 Lifetime Warranty

I am excited to say that FuzziBunz just announced that they will be offering a lifetime warranty on their snaps and the PUL (the waterproof layer). Before this, the warranty only covered defects for the first year. So, this is a significant improvement! This change was prompted by a series of defective snaps. Although this snap problem has now been remedied, meaning their “Elites” line should not suffer from this snap defect, the company is still offering this wonderful warranty on all diapers sold in the past, present, or future. For more information about their new warranty see http://www.fuzzibunz.com/news/fuzzibunz-announces-new-lifetime-warranty-on-all-fuzzibunz-cloth-diapers/.


I am very excited to learn about this new extended warranty because I have had two of my diapers (manufactured during the time of the snap issues) have defective snaps. When I contacted FuzziBunz about replacing these diapers they were very easy to work with. The first time, they asked me to send in the broken diaper. To make-up for the fact that I had to pay shipping, they sent me some free inserts and detergent. This more than made up for the shipping and these new inserts have become some of my favorites. In addition, they had just come out with the Elites, so the replacement diaper was an Elite. The second time, they asked me to send them a picture of the defective diaper. Once they saw the defective they happily sent me another Elite. All in all, I was extremely pleased with their service and would be happy to work with them anytime!

My experiences with FuzziBunz have taught me that you can rest assured that when you buy FuzziBunz, you buy from a company that will care for its customers and graciously replaces any defective product!


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