My Well Groomed Baby Only Had One Sock On! (Gasp)

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I am truly a perfectionist at heart. So, every time I leave my house, I try to be sure that both Jocelyn and I are clean and well groomed. This usually means that I have been carefully planning for days what outfit she will wear when we are out on the town. This planning often includes special loads of laundry to be sure the perfect outfit is ready.

Well, the other day my hold on perfection began to slip and I realized that being a mother means letting go of the idea of perfection and just enjoying every moment. Here’s what happened. I was on my way out the door for my first meeting with the other DiaperHQ consultants. I had made sure that I was dressed just right for the occasion. Jocelyn was also dressed appropriately for such a meeting. When I arrived at the meeting I greeted everyone and pulled Jocelyn out of her car seat to find, ONLY ONE SOCK!

I tried to laugh it off; oh boy we left the house with only one sock, haha. But inside I was dying, how could I let me precious little girl go with only one sock! How imperfect and unbalanced. Hundreds of mortified questions shot through my brain? Do I have an extra sock in the diaper bag? Should I take off the remaining sock or leave it on? Will her poor little feet get cold? In the end, I left on the one sock and periodically checked to be sure her other foot was not too cold.

So, here’s the lesson I learned, it is NOT the end of the world if things aren’t perfect. I bet that no one else in the room even gave a second thought to my one-socked daughter. Here’s to letting go of perfection and enjoying motherhood!


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