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Help Wanted ~ Daddy Needs to Be Involved

Today’s article we will discuss methods to get Dad involved with the baby during those crucial first months of a baby’s life. It’s no secret that life changes drastically after the birth of a child, and oftentimes parents don’t realize the challenges that are ahead of them. But, it’s during those early moments of their baby’s life when communication is of the highest importance as many parents (especially mothers) can be overwhelmed by the sudden rush of responsibilities that come with their new bundle of joy. Therefore, it’s important to get the dads involved in caring for newborns and infants. Infancy is a crucial time in the life of a child and having the baby used to spending time with both parents can alleviate potential headaches in the future. But, what can you do to ensure the husband’s cooperation?

Ask for Their Help Directly

I understand asking for help is easier than it sounds. Nobody wants to saddle a husband with more responsibilities after a long day of work. Yet, it’s important to keep in mind that raising a child while taking care of a home is considered work too and you deserve a break as well. Remember men are simple creatures and if you ask for their help, you’re more than likely going to get it. You might get a grumble here or there, but it’s not going to matter once you manage to rest your feet for a few minutes. Being direct also helps avoid confusion on the father’s part as men aren’t too keen on catching hints. Take it from me; beating around the bush with men is not an effective method of communication with them.

dad involved with the baby

Tell Them to Help

Of course, if asking for help doesn’t work, moms can always use the direct approach. Sometimes asking for help will not be enough, and the men will need a little more forcefulness to get their rears off the couch and into action. Being specific and giving them direct instructions can help alleviate any possible doubts they might have from simply being asked if they can help. Some men will appreciate the direct approach and while some might complain about being bossed around keep in mind that mommies rule the household. A little directness goes a long way in ensuring that you as a parent get the help you need from your spouse. However, keep in mind that new fathers might not know what they’re doing and it’s in those moments that mommies must teach them about taking care of the baby.

Teach Them How to Bond and Help

Humans are the only creatures in the world who don’t actively know how to raise their babies from the start. We’re meant to learn how to raise children from our parents, books, classes, and the different sources of education that are available on the web. Both mothers and fathers experience difficulties with their newborns, but daddies have an even harder time instinctively understanding their new babies. It’s not like they were the ones who carried them inside for nine months after all. But, due to the potential disconnect between father and child it’s important to teach them how to help with the baby. While it doesn’t have to be a detailed instruction manual, telling them how to prepare the baby’s formula or teaching them your methods of soothing the child will help them connect with the child.

Get Them Actively Involved

There isn’t a lot you can do with a newborn while they’re little. But, babies are still capable of smiling and finding joy during playtime. Getting Dad involved with the baby can be as simple as having them spend time playing with the baby. After all, any time the baby spends with daddy is another moment where you can take care of yourself. While the first few months aren’t exactly the most exciting, there are plenty of dads who have found creative ways to entertain themselves with babies such as by reading and acting out stories. Also, kindly remind your husbands that mommies and daddies interact with kids differently, and the experience your child will receive will be unique for both parents.

dad involved with the baby

Involve them with your Needs

There are going to be times when the easiest way to have a dad become involved with a baby is simply making your life easier. Small things like having your spouse bring you a pillow while breastfeeding or giving you a massage after carrying the baby all day will help you relax and regain the energy needed for facing the challenges of parenthood. Another idea is involving the dads in more of the chores around the house if they aren’t already. Having them be the ones cooking or doing laundry around the house can do wonders for the mood when raising a newborn baby. Finally, having them take the nightshift or part of it will at least ensure you get some restful sleep.

Daddy and Baby Field Trips

One interesting idea is having your husband bring the baby with them whenever they run errands. People love seeing fathers go out with their babies, and the dad might just enjoy the attention received from friendly people who love children. Going out to the store together allows the dads to share their hobbies with the baby and even though they’re small, children will enjoy the time spent with their daddies. Field trips can also be as simple as an adventure to the playground or a walk around the neighborhood and serve as a good way to maintain a healthy active lifestyle. Another benefit of going to the playground is having a good excuse to go down the slides and be a big kid for once without being given strange looks by the other adults.

What if these Ideas Don’t Work?

If the previously mentioned ideas don’t work, then both parents need to take a step back and assess their situation. Only your spouse and you can decide what works and doesn’t in the relationship, but it must be agreed that in the 21st century both parents should take an active role in their baby’s life. Both men and women have taken steps towards equality and if the daddies are reasonable then they will understand your needs too. Being tired from work is simply not a good excuse to avoid spending time with the baby.

Dad Involved With The Baby

Ultimately, it’s up to you and your spouse to create the family dynamics within your relationship. Effort must come from within, and daddies out there need to understand the importance of bonding with their children from the start of their lives. Raising a baby is not easy from the start, and it never truly becomes easier. But, if daddies get a head start on their bonding, then it will be easier for the child to not stress out when they spend time alone with their dads. The first few months of a baby’s life aren’t just crucial for the child, but also for the parents and it can serve as an indicator of the relationship in the future.



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