Crying Baby Questions Answered – Hint, You Won’t Spoil Them!

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Babies are cute little adorable bundles of joy, but boy are they a handful, especially if it’s a crying baby! New parents are often unaware of how much attention a newborn requires on a daily basis. But, while dealing with the baby is hard enough, it’s managing their cries what will drive parents to the brink of insanity. Crying is how babies communicate with their surroundings and trust me when I say they will cry a lot. However, new parents always have the same questions regarding crying. How long should I let the baby cry? Is it all right to let my baby cry for extended periods of time? Finally, can I spoil my baby if I always answer their cries? The answer might surprise you.

A Crying Baby is Designed to be Annoying

A baby’s cry is naturally made to be as annoying and disruptive as a means to get attention from nearby adults. It’s meant to be that way because back in our days of survival, the surrounding people would do their best to calm the baby before it alerted any nearby predators. Yet, that is not the case these days. People aren’t risking their lives every time a baby cries because it needs something from their parents. After all, the baby is not exposing itself to a carnivore every time it’s hungry or dirty.

But, due to the aforementioned reasons many young couples today wonder if it’s actually crucial to answer the baby’s cries as quickly as possible. People today live busy high-paced lives, and can’t always attend the baby as soon as they cry regardless of how annoying it is. However, while the cries of a baby are annoying themselves, a baby is not crying to be annoying on purpose. Babies aren’t mature enough to understand the annoyance. A baby only wants to feel warmth and security. It turns out you simply can’t spoil a creature that has extremely simple needs by fulfilling them when they call.

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 Can you Spoil a Baby?

Spoiled children are bad. The image of a child crying in a store aisle while their parent is helpless to stop them is one that pervades the minds of Americans everywhere. But, where did the idea of being able to spoil a baby come from? The origin of the myth is hard to pin down, yet there is plenty of sources out there still claiming that picking up your baby every time it cries is harmful. Thankfully, new research is becoming more commonplace as studies have demonstrated that you actually can’t spoil a baby. Researchers is enjoying on debunking the age-old myth, and the evidence seems to show a conclusive towards it being false.

Simply put a baby is incapable of the type of ideas that are generally attributed to spoiled children. Babies aren’t plotting against their parents every time they cry. When a baby cries, they are alerting their parents that something is causing them discomfort, by answering their needs the parents are demonstrating that they are trustworthy and care about the child. Picking up the baby and trying to figure out what is bothering them will merely reaffirm something the baby should already know “it is safe.” More importantly, if parents want to have a quiet, peaceful home then just go cradle your baby in your arms.

Just Answer Your Babys’ Cries!

For the sake of everyone in the house, simply pick up your baby and attend their needs. Picking up your infant when it cries is actually better for the development of their mind. When a baby is crying for prolonged periods of time their brain shuts down and their silence isn’t quiet acceptance, but a delay in their development as chemicals in their brain shut it down. Another aspect that should be considered when picking up your baby is that the connection between parent and child is strengthened as they bond with each other. It’s a simple win-win scenario for everyone involved, and the added bonus of peace and quiet around the house is even better.

A parent will not spoil their baby they simply can’t spoil them. Babies are entirely dependent on their parents, they will cry for everything, but every moment spent quietly during their sleep or watching their parents is a moment that allows their minds to develop. A parent will never be capable of giving too much love to an infant. Keep it in mind the next time you wonder if you should pick up your baby as soon as it cries. But what if the baby doesn’t stop crying?

What If My Baby Cries Constantly?

Babies will cry for a multitude of reasons. It’s up to the parents to figure out what is bothering the baby. But, when a baby cries nonstop, then it’s up to the parents to go through the checklist.


Tired Babies are crying babies. Babies need constant sleep, and a tired baby is an angry one. Find a quiet place to lay them down or rock them to sleep. One method I used was the Kangaroo Pouch strap where I would walk with my son or do chores around the house with him while he slept.


All babies are different. But, there isn’t a single baby who enjoys being hungry. Keep in mind, babies will need to eat constantly and especially if the mother is breastfeeding or the child is premature. Ensuring they are eating properly will help mitigate them crying out of hunger.

Temperature Changes?

The temperature outside might factor into whether a baby is crying or not. The baby might just be feeling too hot or cold at the moment. In the hot summers of California, I often saw my baby wearing nothing, but his diaper in the house. He was happy, so of course, it wasn’t a big issue. But, always make sure you carry different types of clothing depending on the weather.


Did the baby soil their diaper? Is the baby currently pooping? Believe it or not, when a baby is having bowel movement they might turn red. A parent’s job involves keeping track of dirty diapers 24/7. Seriously, nobody enjoys being dirty and babies can develop rashes and other types of irritants.


A baby who is crying might just need to pass some gas. It’s important to pick them up and pat them on the back until they pass wind, whether they fart or burp depends on the baby. But, sometimes it’s as easy as a couple of pats in the back to make sure your baby doesn’t continue crying.


Infants have emotional requirements just like everyone else. A crying baby might just want their parents to hold him or her.

Diaper Rash?

Diaper rash severity can be anything from a few annoying bumps to raw, painful open blisters! If your baby has the latter, then your your baby is probably in some significant pain! The best thing you can do is catch the rash early, but if it’s already a full-blown event then check out these articles on diaper rash for some helpful advise.



Babies can catch a multitude of diseases and bugs. When your baby is crying in a different tone than usual (such as more anguished and desperate) it’s crucial you pay attention to their temperature and or condition. At times, it’s no openly apparent, but if you take your baby to the doctor, they might discover something not openly apparent such as an ear infection. Fevers can spike the temperature of your child and if left unchecked can become potentially life-threatening. Remember babies only know they are in pain or feel odd, they can’t tell you how they feel other than by crying.


What’s the Verdict?

Picking up your baby is about as harmful as a dose of baby kisses in the morning. You can’t harm your baby’s development by being kind to them. But, a parent can certainly delay it by neglecting their needs. Next time you’re considering letting your baby cry simply remember the words “don’t”. The most important thing to do with a baby is enjoying their development. A child is only an infant once so why not enjoy it to the fullest? Besides, as I’ve told others in the past, your instincts will tell you what is correct when raising your child. Listen to your heart. If it’s crushing you whenever the baby cries, there is a reason for it. Hug your babies, love them, cherish them for they are the future.



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