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February 10, 2012

Cloth Diaper Lingo – FAQ – Cloth Diaper Glossary

New cloth diapers should come with specific instructions on everything you need to know about cloth diapers, not just the care of the brand you just purchased! They don’t. And no one agrees on anything. So the best that a new cloth diaper parent navigating the shifting landscapes of shoulds and shouldn’ts can do, is study up on vocabulary so they can at least understand what everyone is arguing about. What is needed is a glossary full of terms lest a facebook […]
February 10, 2012
Cloth Diaper FAQ – Troubleshooting

Cloth Diaper FAQ – Troubleshooting

What do I do about leaks? In my experience, diaper leaks are going to happen sometimes. This is true for me when using cloth and when using disposables. There are several things that you can do if you are experiencing leaks with cloth. Here are my top 10 leaks suggestions: 1. Make sure that diaper is properly adjusted 2. Change diapers frequently 3. Ensure that the inserts are in the diaper correctly 4. Make sure that no fabric is sticking out of […]
February 10, 2012
cheap cloth diapers

Cheap Cloth Diapers For As Little As $101.28

Relax Finding cheap cloth diapers is at the top of every cloth diapering moms list! Getting started with cloth diapering is not as difficult as you might think. My first advice to all moms asking me about cloth diapering is “Relax!” Generally speaking, I think a lot of people get scared off in the beginning because they think there’s a lot to “learn.” Honestly, it’s not hard! If you can change a baby’s butt and do laundry, then you’ve already got the […]
February 10, 2012
Cloth Diaper Options

Getting Started with Cloth – Brands/Options

Part 2: Cloth Diaper Options (and Brands) (Part 1: Getting Started With Cloth – Basics can be found here) What Cloth Diaper Options Are Available? There are many different cloth diaper options available when choosing a cloth diaper namely: pocket diapers, all-in-one diapers, diaper cover systems, fitteds, and hybrids.   The “Pocket” Cloth Diaper Option Pocket diapers generally have a waterproof layer which keeps the diaper from leaking, a stay-dry layer which creates a pocket, and inserts which are placed inside the pocket. […]
February 10, 2012
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Getting Started With Cloth – Basics

Part 1: The Basics Informed Decision Make an informed decision! This is extremely important in finding the system that works for you. Your initial investment for cloth diapers is going to be between $200 and $500, however, after that, you will have no monthly diaper expenses. When compared to disposables, you will cover the initial start-up cost of a quality cloth system in less that one year.   Cloth  Disposables  Diaper Service  First Year $500 $1000 $1000 Second Year $200 $1000 $500 Third […]
February 9, 2012
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Stocking Up With Cloth Diaper Necessities

Before I first started cloth diapering with Jocelyn, one of the biggest questions I had was, what items will I need? I knew that I needed the diapers themselves, but how many did I need? I had an idea that I needed a way to store my soiled diapers, but what kind of pail did I need? And then, there were some things that I did not even think about like a wet bag, special laundry detergent, a diaper sprayer, extra inserts, […]
February 8, 2012

Best Hanging Wet Bag For Cloth Diapers

Now that I’m a full fledge cloth diaper mama, I decided I need to get a wet bag. But which one is the best hanging wet bag for cloth diapers? I knew I needed to do some asking around and read some reviews before deciding for sure which one to get. Dealing With Dirty Diapers One of the least fun parts of dealing with diapers, cloth or disposable, is taking care of dirty diapers. When I was using disposables, I used to […]
February 5, 2012
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Let’s Begin (Prepping Diapers)

It is always very exciting when brand new cloth diapers arrive. I always want to put them on Jocelyn immediately. However, before using new cloth diapers for the first time they need to be prepped. Prepping is a very easy process that does not require any special know how or materials. Basically, prepping new diapers simply requires running the washer and dryer a few times. My goal with prepping diapers is to wash my new diapers approximately 4 to 5 times to […]
February 4, 2012
front load vs top load

Best Washing Machine For Cloth Diapers

Have you ever wondered what is the Best Washing Machine For Cloth Diapers? Yesterday, one of my readers asked me an excellent question. I did not immediately have the answer, but the question intrigued me, so I did a bit of research. The gist of the question was this: Is a top loader washing machine or a front loader washing machine better for washing diapers, especially concerning avoiding leaks? I have only ever used a top loading washing machine to wash my […]