I Totally Have a Grown Up Phone

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So, the last few months have been hard for me in all ways but one.  You see, my life has been a whirlwind and I can’t seem to get my hands around anything.  Except, that is, my grown-up phone.  Since July I have had a phone that is all mine.  It is a luxury, and one I don’t know how I will live without.  (Talk about a first world problem!) My iPhone is loaded with enough kids’ apps to sink a big freaking ship, but I flew under the kiddie radar with my Samsung Galaxy S3 from Verizon.  This lovely phone is 4G and in 3 months I have not downloaded one.single.kids’ app.

My Own Phone!

It is totally amazing. My own phone.  For the first time since I have had children, as I only had a blackberry until my daughter was born.  My own smartphone.

I was going to tell you all how I organize my phone, but I realized that it is a quite complicated system on my iPhone with all the stuff I have on there.  There are folders for everything and with kids, it is quite a mess.  On my Samsung, there is nothing but my stuff, and I rock the phone quite simply.  I’ve got a page for photography apps, a page for my social media apps and then the basics of the phone and my favorite things.

Confused Kids

My kids think it is actually a grown-up phone that can’t have kid stuff on it at all.  I didn’t even have to lie to them.  Because Samsung turns on differently and has more than one button, they were a little confused and gave up on it when they didn’t see any cartoons.  Brilliant!

The best part of all of this is that Samsung is better than my iPhone 4.  While the apps are not quite as awesome in all cases, most of them rock and they run a million times faster on the 4G connection than my iPhone4 does on 3G.  Like, I mean, I can actually watch videos that don’t time out due to buffering.  I can also comment on blog posts and use whatever browser I want with ease and I can totally comfortably read books on the larger screen.  Books that have no pictures. Finally, I have had a phone with a hotspot that allows me to use my computer or my kindle or anything else without jailbreaking an iPhone.  It is simply awesome.


Do you have anything that is just yours anymore?  I bet if you do, it is not your phone.

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