What Are Some Age Appropriate Toys For 4 Month Old?

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While one month doesn’t feel like much time, for a baby each month presents new challenges and unique developmental things. Because of this, it’s important for parents and caregivers to understand the best sorts of toys to help their children grow and develop within each new month of life.

By month four, an infant is starting to do all sorts of amazing things. Many can lift themselves up on their arms when in tummy time, roll over, and hold up their own heads when placed in a sitting position. Four-month-olds are growing, learning and changing and the toys that we, as parents, give them should help encourage proper development.

Some of the best toys for a four-month-old are:


Organic Cotton Teethers

Many children start to teeth around four months, so having something soothing they can suck on is a great choice. Children will find anything to suck on to relieve the discomfort, so it’s best to have some toys specifically designed with this in mind. These cute little mittens made by Mitteez are Phthalate-free and BPA-free and made of 100% organic cotton, so you can be sure that it’s safe for your little one.

As an added bonus, the soft feel will hopefully entice your little one and prevent them from sucking on other objects such as books or plastic parts with rougher edges. Children this age not only want comfort from the teething but use their mouths as another way to explore their new world. It can be encouraged, but make sure they stay safe and don’t leave small, easy-to-choke-on, or toxic parts around for infants to put in their mouths.


Gentle Rattle Rainbow Ball

This simple ball is a great toy to keep on hand for four-month-olds. (See the rainbow ball here) Its bright color and soft texture will encourage touch and play, while it’s gentle rattle inside will help children understand new sounds. It can be used to teach the colors, rolling back and forth, or grasping abilities. Since simple toys are best for four-month-olds, this ball will be a great addition to any toy box without breaking the bank for mom and dad.

Plus, as your child develops more physical and cognitive skills, this ball can be used to play catch and help develop hand-eye coordination. It’s a great toy that is helpful for many stages of development and the uses can grow as your child does.


Tummy Time Gym Mat

While tummy time might not be a new activity for your four-month-old, adding in a new gym such as this one will help encourage more physical development such as rolling over, pushing up and raising their heads. Before this point, most infants aren’t as mobile, so introducing a way for them to explore the small space around them is a must-have for growing babies.

This compact gym is full of different textures, colors and patterns to help engage your child and allow them to explore their environment in a fun and safe way. It’s made with soft linen to keep your little one comfortable all while helping develop physical and sensory skills. The Baby Einstein Tummy Time Gym Mat is one of the best gifts Grandma has ever given us! (to date, that is) – You can read the Baby Einstein Tummy Time Gym Mat reviews or get one here.


Rainbow grasper

Our Pediatrician said that one of the most important developmental skills for an infant is the grasping ability. This all-natural, wooden grasping toy is a great playtime addition to help the little ones develop their finger dexterity and understand movement.

The balls make gentle sounds when played with and the bright colors are fun and attractive. A great small toy for when your child is in the car seat or stroller, this little gem is sure to keep them entertained and curious.

Our Pediatrician recommended Grimm’s Beads Grasper. After months of play, I can attest to the fact that our little one L-O-V-E-D them! We purchased ours HERE


Unbreakable mirrors

Babies, even before they understand it’s them, love looking in mirrors. Mirrors can be a great way to help your child understand visual tracking, facial movements and so much more. Eventually, your child will recognize their reflection in the mirror and learn from it, but even before that point, mirrors can be a great way to display different facial movements and try and get them to mimic them.

Such a simple object can provide endless entertainment for a young infant and is a versatile enough toy to use just about anywhere.  Read what over 1500 parents say about this toy HERE.


Board Books

Board books are an amazing learning tool you can utilize even before your child can comprehend what you are saying. Reading provides so many great benefits for your child. These will offer an opportunity to cuddle with your little one as they listen to words and sounds, which is often melodic and rhythmic to increase sound awareness. Your four-month-old is probably already making lots of various sounds, so encouraging vocal development by reading to your child is a great way to help.

Also, books offer graphics and patterns of places the child has yet to even imagine, and many children are drawn to explore these new patterns and shapes – it’s a great way to introduce animals, shapes, plants and so much more. Better yet, find some of the books with real learning, such as this one for an all-around cognitive experience.

Final Thoughts

With the abundance of options out there, it can often feel overwhelming to figure out what toys your child should be playing with. Babies this age are still trying to figure out the world, so small toys that encourage that but don’t distract from it, are best. For four-month-olds, keep it simple with bright colors, noisemakers, and textured items to help them continue to explore the world using all of their senses. Many of these toys will also be useful with continued development, so keep them around as your child grows and learns.

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