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A final type of diaper that I want to introduce to you is called a “hybrid”. Hybrid diapers are very nice because they provide a lot of options for someone who needs extra flexibility with cloth diapering.

A hybrid diaper is a diaper cover system which can have a cloth insert or a disposable insert. If you choose to use a cloth insert than a hybrid diaper is basically no different than a regular diaper cover system. However, the benefit of a hybrid diaper is it has an option to use a disposable insert. This could be particularly helpful if you are diapering in a place where you cannot wash your diaper often.


The benefits of using a hybrid diaper are:
1. Hybrid diapers give you the flexibility to choose a disposable insert or a cloth insert
2. Hybrid diapers allow for adding additional inserts to increase leak protection
3. Hybrid diaper covers do not need to be changed with each diaper change; they can be reused several times unless they get soiled

The downside of this type of diaper is that it can be complicated to use because each time the diaper is changed a new insert must be added. Hybrid diapers can be a bit pricey if you choose to use disposable inserts. Disposable inserts retailed at $4.95 for 18 inserts. In addition, using disposable inserts increases the amount of garbage waste produced.

A popular hybrid diaper is the Flip diaper.

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