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We see the pediatrician tomorrow about my sons’ skin; it’s worse than ever. Luckily, our new diapers arrived today so he is spending his first night in cloth right now. Yep. We went with cloth. In fact, we actually went with gDiapers.

Did My Research

I had done a metric ton of research into cloth versus disposable versus hybrid diapers and I just wound up… confused. For about two days I walked around randomly spurting out thoughts to hubby like, “Pocket diapers seem like they could work. But how many would we need to buy?” and “Why don’t they make sensitive skin disposable diapers in larger sizes? Because I would totally buy those.”

I researched and read message boards, incredibly well written and thought out posts on cloth diapers, such as those here on and I just couldn’t make up my mind. I had pretty much decided on cloth but was stuck on brand and type.

Then Somone Mentioned gDiapers

Pocket diapers seemed to make sense to me, far more than the other types did, but there were so many brands! And sizes! And PRICES! And I couldn’t figure out how many I’d need and, well, I got overwhelmed. This is when someone suggested gDiapers.

I looked into them and immediately found our answer here. Basically your purchase 6 – 8 Little gPants and then some liners, either cloth or biodegradable disposable. You put the liner in the snap-in insert and voila! You don’t have to wash the Little gPants with every wear, you just remove the liner. This makes them way more cost effective and (for me) easier to comprehend than regular cloth.

We bought both cloth and disposable inserts because I want to try them both and I suspect that sticking a disposable insert in his diaper when we are out and about will be easier since I can flush the insert if need be. My laundry will not be going through the roof and I spent about $100 total including enough inserts to get me through the next few months, even if I did nothing but the disposable liners.

Making The Decision

I make most of the baby-related decisions around here. I work from home so I can be with my kid all day, which means I control 90% of what he’s exposed to, including his diapers. So when the time came to cloth diaper, I casually mentioned that I thought that cloth would be better for his skin and that I was looking into it. The way our budget is split up, things like diapers have always fallen on my shoulders, so if I wanted to make one big purchase instead of buying packages of Pampers monthly, that was totally my call.

Getting Family To Get On Board!

I can’t exactly say that hubby was enthusiastic about the switch, but my sons’ back looked so awful that I think if I had said I was going to start using freshly picked cotton balls and wrap them in Saran Wrap as a diaper, he probably would have come on board. The problem in our house lies in the fact that my husband changes maybe three diapers a week tops. Which means that he’s never gotten really comfortable with the diapering system I have in place.

Super Easy To Use

They really are super easy to use, and I have to admit, my son looks soooo cute cruising around in his little red diaper with the g on the front. I am seriously hopeful that with this super breathable cloth system that his eczema can finally start to heal.

2 Month Update

Making It Harder Than It Really Is

I have to leave pre-stuffed ready to go diapers out at all times. If I’m leaving to go to the gym, and I know my son will need a change while I’m gone, I stuff a diaper and put it out in plain view. Of course, even this is not a guarantee that things will go smoothly. This past weekend, he put a diaper on backward and used a ripped diaper with one missing fastener that I was storing on a shelf until I could get around to sewing it again. He also stuffed that one with an overnight liner. Which was backward.

I swear I picked the easiest cloth diapering system available, and he screws it up only because he thinks cloth diapering should be difficult, and therefore, he will make it so.

So tell me ……

Did you encounter any resistance making the switch to cloth? Was everyone on board, or is there a holdout in your family with a secret stash of disposables?

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