Cloth Diapers – Breaking Them In

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We’ve finally gotten the swing of the cloth diapering down over here. I discovered a few things in the first couple of days:

  1. Disposables had made me lazy about changing my kid.
  2. The biodegradable inserts could not stand up to the onslaught of my kid’s pee. In fact, they began to biodegrade right inside his pants.
  3. Gerber flat fold diapers (that I picked up here) folded into fourths, then again in half lengthwise make, by far the most absorbent insert we have tried yet. Also, the cheapest.
  4. Poop does not stick to the cloth. In fact, when I was in a hurry and trying to get him changed as quickly as possible, I may or may not have failed to look before I pulled off a diaper, and poop may or may not have gone sailing through the air to land like a wad of Play Dough on the rug.
  5. My husband was so frightened of them that even after a tutorial, he let Gunne Bear stay in HIS SLEEP SACK for AN HOUR Saturday morning while I got my chance to sleep in because he was too afraid to come face-to-face with the new diaper.
  6. My husband is a wimp.

There are a couple of stubborn spots of eczema still on his back, but they are much, much better than they were. Since we see the allergist tomorrow, I’m actually sort of, well notĀ gladĀ exactly that they’re there, but I want the doctor to see what we’re dealing with since it’s the same rash he gets on his face when he eats wheat.

Mostly now, I’m just afraid of something happening to the diapers. Like Gunne crawling straight into the lake while wearing one. My husband is more afraid for the lake, in that case all, “What if poop gets in the water and some other kid eats it?” As if I’d let my kid sit around in poop for more than two minutes. I’m more concerned that a diaper might get so waterlogged it will be unusable again.
But still, it’s good to know we agree on the priorities of child raising.

And now for a gratuitous bum shot of my cloth diapered child.

In case you haven’t noticed, we like orange in our house. Also, stripes.

Funky M.

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