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Although I have never gotten to try a fitted diaper on Jocelyn, I have heard great things about it. Fitted diapers are known for being an extremely absorbent and leak-free way to diaper, particularly when paired with a diaper cover.

A fitted diaper is basically just one large absorbent layer which is fastened to the baby like other cloth diapers with snaps or hook and loop.  While a fitted can be used on its own, it is wise to pair it with a diaper cover for superior leak protection.


The benefits of using a fitted diaper paired with a diaper cover are:
1. Fitted diapers when used with a diaper cover provide great leak protection because the fitted diaper has elastic around the leg and so does the cover, this provides two layers of protection instead of one
2. Some fitted diapers such as the Thirsties Duo Fab Fitteds allow for you to add additional inserts for even greater leak protection

The downside this type of diaper is that without a diaper cover it does not have a waterproof layer and if you purchase both the fitted and the diaper cover it can be a more pricey option.  The Thirsties fitted retails at $17.00. In addition to that cost, a cover runs from around $13.00.

A popular fitted diaper is Thirsties Duo Fab Fitteds.

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