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 Detergents for Cloth Diapers

After weeks of research, I finally have the Cloth Diaper Detergent Chart finished! This chart is a tool to assist you in determining which detergent you feel would be the best detergent for cloth diapers in your home! The bottom line is, it really depends on the type of washer you have. Nearly all brands have a different method to get the best possible clean. Keep that in mind as you go over this list.

I’ve tried to include everything that I remember thinking about when I first began cloth diapering. Hopefully, this will answer any questions you have, however as always if you need help with anything please let me know.

  • If you find it useful, please share so my many hours of hard work and research can be useful to as many cloth diaper mammas as possible.
  • Most cloth diaper newbies want to know how to wash their cloth diapers and what detergent we recommend. You can find our recommendations for washing your cloth diapers here.

So now let’s get right into picking a detergent that’s right for you.

After combing through literally thousands of forums, chats, post, and videos there were two detergents that were mentioned more than any of the others. The following top two rated detergents for cloth diapers is based on the overall recommendations among cloth diaper moms and dads on Reddit, in forums, reviews, and various chat rooms throughout the internet.


number-1-Top-Cloth-Diaper-Detergent-of-2019Tide: Free And Gentle Powder

Tide Free & Gentle POWDER for HE machines!  Yep! Tide finally stepped up to the plate and made thier Free & gentle powder for HE machines. I remember when only those with old-school washing machines could use the powder version.

Although this detergent has a few additives, it is HIGHLY recommended among cloth diaper mamas!

The cheapest place to purchase this is here.



Video Credit: Joyce Cook

  • FuzziBunz recommended
  • HE washer moms love this stuff
  • Safe for septic systems
  • Sensitive skin users like this brand
  • Phosphate free
  • Contains Optical Brighteners and Enzymes
  • Residue has been reported in a few cases
  • The liquid version needs a water softener if you have hard water


number-2-Top-Cloth-Diaper-Detergent-of-2019 (2)Foca: Best Detergent For Cloth Diapers In Hard Water For The Money

Detergents work differently based on so many factors. Foca has been recommended because it has worked for those who have hard water and it’s easy on the wallet. Most people get much better cleaning results if they combine this with Borax. Even if you use both, it is still a much cheaper alternative to some of the recommended detergents!

Ordering from Amazon, Walmart or other online retailer is usually the most convenient and frequently the cheapest way to purchase certain items. This product, however, is much cheaper if you purchase it in the store.

This is the brand I personally use due to my Hard Water! Perfect every time! You can use 1/2 the amount per load that is recommended. For a typical top loader (non HE), you only need two tablespoons for a small load, four for medium, and six for large. Use a slight bit more if the laundry is a bit dirtier.


Video Credit: Gaby Gregory

  • Good for hard water
  • Super cheap
  • Sensitive skin users like this brand
  • Safe for septic systems
  • Phosphate free
  • Foca powder is NOT HE safe! (Foca liquid is)..
  • a couple of complaints of “soapy” smell
  • Contains Optical Brighteners, Enzymes, Fragrances, and Softeners


Top Cloth Diaper Detergents of 2019 List

This rest of this page contains my entire alphabetical listing of laundry detergents used by cloth diapering parents. If you prefer to only view specific areas, I’ve covered that too! Just do a site search for “Detergent”.

If you are looking for a drilled down version of the cloth diaper chart try:

While selecting the detergent for your cloth diapers, it’s best to avoid any detergent what containing bleach, whiteners, softeners or enzymes. Be aware that most of the baby clothing detergent is not recommended as they usually contain enzymes or brighteners which will leave a residue on diapers and affecting their absorbency rate.

We are updating our list, please be patient

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