Family Update ~ Healing Prayers Requested

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Here is a link to her update:

WVU Children’s Cancer Center


I just received news that my 4-year-old grand niece is extremely sick! This is what I know so far. She became weak and lethargic so they took her to Urgent Care, an after-hours clinic. Urgent Care said she was extremely anemic and needed a blood transfusion immediately, so they rushed her to the local hospital. She was examined and they found a cancerous tumor on her kidney. They know for sure that she will need Chemo, but what route they take will depend on the outcome of the test they need to run. The test is to determine if cancer has spread to any other major organs, such as the lungs or brain.

The problem at this point is she is too weak to undergo any test. She is in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

As can be expected, my nephew is having a hard time. My brother and his wife are trying to be brave for their son and granddaughter, but it is a difficult task. Me? My chest aches with grief and worry! She is only 3 years old!

I’m asking all of my regular visitors to please pray. If you don’t pray, then send healing thoughts.


Thank you!


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