Why I Use Cloth Diapers

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Let me tell you why I use cloth diapers. It seems to me that many women who I talk to who cloth diaper their children had a “cloth diaper conversion”. That is, they originally did not intend to use cloth, or were even outright opposed to cloth, but had some experience which changed their mind. Some moms realized how much waste was being put into the environment with each disposable diaper. Some moms needed a real solution to diaper rash. Some moms just got tired of losing money with each diaper changed. Some moms just never considered cloth as a realistic option. However, my story is different.

Even as a child I intended to use cloth to diaper my children. This is no doubt born from the fact that my mother happily used cloth with my brother and me. As a little girl, all of my dolls were even diapered in cloth! When it came time to make a diapering decision for my children, I honestly never even considered disposables. It is not that I look down upon anyone who decides that disposable diapers are the best choice for their family and their children, it is just that I grew up with cloth and see cloth as beneficial for my family and more specifically for Jocelyn’s needs.

Thus, when I examine my true reasons for choosing cloth for Jocelyn it breaks down to three reasons. First, I am saddened by the idea that diapers Jocelyn is using today may remain in the garbage dump for years to come.  Second, looking at our family finances and the financial benefits of cloth, I saw that I stood to save over a thousand dollars (yes, you read that right) by diapering Jocelyn is cloth. Finally, Jocelyn has very sensitive skin and the disposable diapers we used when she was first born caused her to have bad diaper rashes. Once I got my stock of cloth, the diaper rashes almost disappeared.

I believe that every parent has to carefully weigh what is best for their family in regards to diapering. I would never fault anyone for choosing disposables. However, I would encourage all families to consider cloth and the benefits it may provide for all.

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