How To Wash gDiaper Cloth Inserts

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Ah laundry. I loathe laundry, although not nearly as much now as I used to. In fact, when I was single I used to buy new underwear on occasion just to avoid doing laundry for one more week. To this day I have like 40 pairs of underwear because I hate doing laundry so much.

So it may not come as such a surprise when I say that my laundry routine is really freaking lazy.

How I Wash gDiaper Cloth Inserts

We use gDiapers primarily, with a couple of AI2s for overnights. This means that my diapering system consists of a half dozen covers, 8 liners, and about 40 inserts.

I change the insert every time I change his diaper, and the liner only if gets poop on it. I chuck the covers in at the last minute before running the wash unless he has a serious blowout, or has dropped macaroni down his pants. Again.

Anyway. So I toss wet liners straight into the laundry bag, wipe down the insert or inside of the AI2 and leave those out to dry for a few hours before re-stuffing and putting away in a drawer. 90% of the poopy diapers just sort of, roll off the insert into the toilet. No extra help required. And then come the days of grapes and raisins.

Dealing With ‘Plosions

I won’t go into detail here to spare you, so let’s just say that grapes and raisins affect my son, um differently. Since he’s chronically constipated, we sometimes resort to these to get him moving again. Most of the time, a few grapes or raisins and things are good. But sometimes, he eats too many and then we have an assplosion on our hands.

This requires much furious dunking and swishing in the toilet, along with the occasional leaving of an insert and liner in the toilet to soak. Once I had to stuff a cover in there, too, and it is my biggest fear that one of these days hubby is going to flush without looking in there and our septic tank will explode. Or back up. Or something; despite 15 years in the home improvement industry, I couldn’t tell you what would happen to a septic system if a cloth diaper was flushed down it.

Anyway. Your turn: tell us what your cloth diaper laundry routine is.

‘Till Next Time

How To Wash gDiaper Cloth Inserts

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