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Part 2: Cloth Diaper Options (and Brands)

(Part 1: Cloth Diapers For Beginners – The Basics can be found here)

What Cloth Diaper Options Are Available?

There are many different cloth diaper options available when choosing a cloth diaper namely: pocket diapers, all-in-one diapers, diaper cover systems, fitteds, and hybrids.


The “Pocket” Cloth Diaper Option

Pocket diapers generally have a waterproof layer which keeps the diaper from leaking, a stay-dry layer which creates a pocket, and inserts which are placed inside the pocket. The benefits of pockets diapers are that they have a stay-dry liner built into the diaper which keeps the moisture off the baby’s skin, they allow for adding additional inserts for greater absorption, and they are simple to use once they are stuffed. The downside of pocket diapers is that the diapers must be stuffed after each wash. Popular pocket diapers include bumGenius 4.0, FuzziBunz, and Thirsties Duo.


The “All-in-one” Cloth Diaper Option

All-in-one diapers are cloth diapers which have all of the elements of a diaper attached as one piece. This means that the absorbent layer is attached to the waterproof layer. Sometimes, these all-in-one diapers also have a way to add additional inserts for greater absorbency. The biggest benefit of all-in-one diapers is that there is no stuffing as the diaper is all one piece. The downside of the all-in-one diapers is that they can be a bit more pricey. Popular all-in-one diapers include bumGenius Freetime and Thirsties Duo All in One.


The “Diaper cover system” Option

Diaper cover systems include a diaper cover and a separate absorbent layer. With this system, 1 diaper cover is needed for every 4 absorbent inserts. There are several different options for the absorbent layer. Probably the most common option is a prefold which is laid inside the diaper cover. The benefits of diaper cover systems are that they tend to be less expensive because covers can be reused several times before needing to be washed and they allow for adding additional inserts for great absorption. The downside of diaper cover systems is that they can be complicated to use. Popular diaper cover systems include Bummis Super-Brite and Thirsties Duo Wrap.


The “Fitted” Cloth Diaper Option

A fitted diaper is basically just an absorbent layer which can be put on like any other cloth diaper. While a fitted can be used on its own, it is wise to pair it with a diaper cover for superior leak protection. The benefits of using a fitted diaper paired with a diaper cover is great leak protection because the fitted diaper has elastic around the leg and so does the cover, this provides two layers of protection instead of one. The downside of the fitted diaper is that without a diaper cover it does not have a waterproof layer and if you purchase both the fitted and the diaper cover it can be a more pricey option. A popular fitted diaper is Thirsties Duo Fab Fitteds.


The “Hybrid” Cloth Diaper Option

A hybrid diaper is a diaper cover system which can have a cloth insert or a disposable insert. The benefits of using a hybrid diaper is that it gives you the flexibility to choose a disposable insert or a cloth insert. The downside of this type of diaper is that it can be complicated to use and it can be a bit pricey if you choose to use disposable inserts. A popular hybrid diaper is the Flip diaper.

Before choosing which type of diaper you want to go with, I would suggest looking into your options and possibly even trying out the different options. The type of diaper you ultimately choose will depend on how you would like to use them, how much you want to spend, and your own personal preference.


What Cloth Diaper Brands Are Available?

There are probably hundreds of cloth diaper brands so an exhaustive list would be difficult. However, here are a few to get you started:

bumGenius Products also be sure to check out my reviews BumGenius 3.0  BumGenius 4.0 and BumGenius FreeTime

Bummis Products and my thoughts on Bummis Wrap Diaper Cover and Bummis Bio-Soft Disposable Diaper Liners

Flip Products

FuzziBunz Products and my thoughts here and here.

Thirsties Products and my Thirsties Duo Wrap Cloth Diaper Review and another Thirsties Review here

Charlie Banana Products and read my Charlie Banana Review

How Do I Choose What Type Or Brand Of Cloth Diaper To Use?

The best way to choose what type or brand of diaper you would like to use is to talk to others who have used cloth diapers and see which type and brand of diapers they prefer. In addition, it can be a good idea to try out a variety of diapers.


What Cloth Diaper Brands Do You Recommend?

My favorite cloth diaper is the Alva Baby One Size. This is my favorite diaper because it is the type of diaper I have used the most with Jocelyn and I think it is a quality diaper with a lot of versatility.

I have also tried the Thirsties Duo Wrap with inserts, Flip diaper with stay-dry inserts, bumGenius Freetime, and bumGenius 4.0. I like all of these options as well.



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