Cloth Diaper Nappies ~ My Journey with “Fluff” ~ (Cloth Diapering)

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Here in the USA, we say “Cloth Diapers”, however in the UK they are called “cloth nappies or cloth diaper nappies“. Its been brought to my attention that a few of my UK friends feel left out. So to my UK pals, I have edited this post just for you! <wink>


My Introduction To Cloth Diaper Nappies

When I first started using cloth diaper nappies, I really didn’t know what I was doing.  I still get overwhelmed with all of the options and terms.  I keep learning, but I swear every time I turn around I hear about a new feature or item or brand that is new to me!  There’s a lot to know, and I want my blog to be a place where I can help others learn more.  I have already gotten a few friends to make the switch to cloth, will you be next?  A girl can only hope, and educate!  ; )

Cloth Diaper Nappies

This a sneak peak of my new Swaddlebee’s (review coming soon!).

A few years ago, I had a friend who cloth diapered and had said that it was super easy and not as big of a deal as many make it out to be.  One day she dropped her kids off with me to babysit -with one in a cloth diaper and a bag of more to use. Eek! To say I felt overwhelmed was an understatement. ‘How was I going to do this?!’ I thought.  My next thought, ‘Shoot, I have a daughter in disposables, I’ll just use those if need be.’  Ha!

Cloth Diaper Nappies Are So Easy!

I did it.  I tried it. I couldn’t believe the ease of it.  I didn’t use a single one of my diapers on her daughter that day!  I finished that day thinking ‘What on Earth was I so overwhelmed about? What’s the big deal?’  It was the same diaper change that I was familiar with doing on my kiddos.  It was just cloth.  Luckily that time, I didn’t have to wash them, though! Hehe But, even now, it’s so not that big of a deal.

I really regret not opening up to the chance of cloth diapering (at bare minimal) with Isiah.  I mean, with one child in cloth diaper nappies you will be making money having not chosen cloth!  I had an aunt who really wanted me to try back then, and I was completely opposed to giving it a chance.  Let me tell you that looking back; I wish she had just bought me a few and offered them up!  At worst, you can resale them at a reasonable price if you really aren’t pleased.

Have You Ever Considered…?

If you don’t cloth diaper, have you considered only using it for nights/days or in the home?  For Rayanna’s baby shower, all that I ‘asked’ for was diapers.  I didn’t need anything else with what I had left from Isiah and Jeremiah.  It was more just a nice small celebration of my pending arrival, but if you wanted to buy gifts, diapers were the perfect thing for us.  I would say I got maybe five or six packages of disposables.  It was awesome!  I was able to use them for outings (and still have just a few left) and have not needed to buy any disposables the entire course of Rayanna’s diapering life.

My First Purchase

I pondered for a while after babysitting my friend’s little one that day, and I decided to buy a small bulk batch of cloth diaper nappies to try on Jeremiah.  I started with six Bum Genius 3.0′s.  Looking back, I wish that I would have broadened my variety and not been so firm on keeping them all the same.  I also wish I could have afforded to just make the switch then.  But he was towards the end of his “diapering career”, having been potty trained by about three years of age.

Babysitters Don’t Mind

There have only been two people who have babysat him long enough to need a stash of diapers.  Both people I have left with disposables from my shower and cloth diaper nappies saying that “I would love it if you would use cloth, but I understand it is not for everyone.”  Both people gave it a shot, and both people ended up not touching the disposables I packed.  In fact, they have said they loved the “new” systems, and I’ve heard them telling other people and mention they will be using cloth when they have a need.

Here are the reviews I have done (some are not uploaded yet, but I will ~ promise!)

and here are some that I have on the way

While I realize it is not cloth diapering, I would also recommend that you view my Rockin’ Green Detergent Review here.  I highly recommend it and don’t know anyone who has not been pleased with it, personally.

My Mission

Because I didn’t know what I was doing, and because and I didn’t really love the first few cloth diaper nappies that I tried, and because now I am just addicted to the adorable little prints these things have, I am on a mission to review as many diapers as I can get my hands on.  My budget is limited, but I will review as many as humanly possible within my budget!

It is my goal to put forth the best foot of each diaper brand out there.  You can be sure that I will give honest opinions and share my experiences with you.  I have my preferences, and you have yours.  Educating is most important.  I like each of the diapers I have tried for a variety of reasons.  Some are better for the night, someday.  Some are more breathable, and some move better for my busy girl.  It’s all about what you like and want.  And like I said above, I think variety is good.  There are several different fantastic diaper companies out there.

Which ones do you love and stay most loyal to?

If you have a request, question, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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