Cloth Diaper FAQ – Troubleshooting

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What do I do about leaks?

In my experience, diaper leaks are going to happen sometimes. This is true for me when using cloth and when using disposables. There are several things that you can do if you are experiencing leaks with cloth. Here are my top 10 leaks suggestions:

1. Make sure that diaper is properly adjusted
2. Change diapers frequently
3. Ensure that the inserts are in the diaper correctly
4. Make sure that no fabric is sticking out of the cover
5. Double stuff your diapers
6. “Strip” your diapers
7. Try inserts made of different fabric, such as hemp
8. Try different types of diapers for certain situations
9. Look into new updated diapers
10. Be patient

When I first began my blog, I did a series on avoiding diaper leaks.

What do I do about rashes?

While cloth diapers do seem to reduce the incidence of diaper rash, there are many other factors that can cause diaper rash. The first thing that is very important to know when treating diaper rash is that rashes can be symptomatic of a deeper problem and a pediatrician should often be consulted. The second important thing to remember is that diaper cream purchased in the average store cannot be used with cloth diapers because these creams can build up on the diaper and cause repelling which will lead to leaks. Using these standard creams will even invalidate the warranty of many brands.

The first and best treatment for diaper rash is leaving the baby’s bottom open to air. This is a trick that I learned while Jocelyn was in the newborn ICU after her birth. Second, a baby powder with cornstarch and zinc oxide can be sprinkled in the cloth diaper to keep moisture off the baby’s skin. While this has been effective for me, I have recently read that using these types of powders on a regular basis is not the best. So, I am reconsidering my use of it.

For more information visit my post about rashes.

What do I do about stained diapers?

Stained diapers are nothing to worry about; the stains should not affect the absorbency or performance of the diaper. I have a few diapers which have minor stains. Honestly, I just ignore them because they are not causing problems. If the stains really bother you, I have heard that you can lay them out in the sun to bleach them naturally or you can use bleach in the wash. If you choose to use bleach you can ONLY use bleach on the inserts. Bleach cannot be used on diaper covers because it could ruin the waterproof layer of the diapers.

My cloth diapers smell while I am waiting to wash them, what should I do?

I store my dirty diapers in my laundry room. If I walk into the laundry room after it has been closed for a while, sometimes I get a strong whiff of a dirty diaper. I have solved this problem by putting an inexpensive air freshener in the room. It has made a big difference.

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  1. To prevent diaper rash mix a small spray bottle with a teaspoon and a half of apple cider vinegar and fill remainder complete with Water.
    During each diaper change spray your babies bottom down and pat dry.
    Your baby will NEVER have a diaper rash if you make this a part of your regular diaper changing routine .
    The Apple cider vinegar will dilute the acids in feces and urine and prevent a break out.
    This is great to do with the elderly as well.

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