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Every new cloth diaper mama wants to know where to get cheap cloth diaper packages and how to get cheap cloth diaper packages! I was no exception. I’m guessing since you landed on this page, you are in search of the best cloth diapers for the least amount of money.  Here’s how I did it.

First thing! Remember even if you spend $1000 on cloth diapers and have an AWESOME HUGE stash you still will have saved money over disposable diapers! Most people spend about $300-$400 to start healthy cloth diapering stash, but I understand some need to spend a little less up front. Cloth diapering CAN BE DONE FOR UNDER $100! If you know what you are buying and don’t mind more frequent washing it can be done in a couple different ways. AND NO! you don’t have to buy used!

A couple of ways to buy new and not break the bank!

ALVABABY : Alvababy gets excellent reviews on Amazon from cloth diaper mamma’s and they are reasonably priced! You can get a 6-Pack With 2 inserts each Really Cheap!!! They have three bottom rows of snaps to grow with your baby ~ from small (8-15 lb), medium (12-25 lb), or large (20-35 lb).

QAQADU : Qaqadu has multipacks that even include a “Waterproof Carry Bag”,  all for one low price. Reviews are 4.5 out of 5 from cloth diaper mamma’s just like us! Cheap Way to get started with a quality brand that last! Check out the 15 pcs Set of 7 Baby Cloth Diaper Covers, 7 Reusable Diaper Inserts Liners, 1 Waterproof Carry Bag – All in One Pack – Unisex Pocket Design for Boys & Girls – Great for Baby Shower

ANGEL LOVE: Angel love has the 6 Pack Diaper Covers+6 Diaper Inserts+1 Wet Dry Bag gift set for one low price, or go for the 3 pack Angel Love Baby Reusable Washable And Adjustable One Size Cloth Swimming Diaper.

These really are great option to START with. Then as you save money by not buying all those disposables you can start adding some more items to your stash! For example, you may want to add some pocket diapers, more prefolds, different covers, etc. This is really just a suggestion for those who don’t have the money up front to start a full stash.

When I first started cloth diapering I didn’t have the money up front to make a full stash purchase, so I purchased the bare minimum that would typically get me through a day. I purchased 4 covers and 12 prefolds. Then as I saved money from not having to purchase any disposables I slowly added to my stash. Now I am able to cloth diaper TWO full-time and have not felt a financial crunch from it at all!

With the multipacks below, you may occasionally have those days where your baby is just using diapers like crazy. For those days, you may not have enough for a full-day (did not happen to me frequently but did happen a couple times). Just be aware of how many diapers you have left so you will know when you need to start the wash.



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