ACT NOW!!!! Cheap Cloth Diapers!!! With Inserts as low as $4.66 each!!!

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When I began cloth diapering I didn’t have the budget to make a full cloth diaper stash purchase, so I purchased small quantities of cheap cloth diapers, that would normally get me through a day. I purchased 4 covers and 12 prefolds. Since I wasn’t throwing away money on disposables, I had freed up some cash within our budget to purchase a few new cloth diapers every other payday or so.

The multipacks listed below all have excellent reviews on Amazon and some even come with bonus items like a wet bag! I personally like the ones that have the huge discounts going on right now! Every penny counts in this house!

I can tell you from experience when Amazon marks products down, the discounts don’t last long and they sell out fast! Rule of thumb, the bigger the discount, the faster they sell out or become unavailable.



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