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Bloggers, you may submit any cloth diaper or baby/toddler related giveaway you are hosting in the form below.

Please, only submit giveaways you are hosting. Referral links will be deleted.

Giveaways that require the winner to pay anything, including shipping, cannot be added! Please do not submit this type of giveaway, and please let me know if you find one (it will be removed immediately and the blogger will be banned!)

Payment: We accept two forms of payment.

  1. $2 Paypal per listing or
  2. A reciprocal link to any page within (your choice) posted anywhere within the first 2 pages of your blog (can be no more than 2 clicks away from your home page)


Required  – The name of your giveaway (ex: “Cloth Diaper Tales FuzziBunz Giveaway “)


  1. Required   – URL to the giveaway submission page, not a landing page or intro page
  2. Required   – The prize being given away and how many of each: (ex: “Grand Prize (2) Diaper Sprayers, First Prize (1) FuzziBunz cloth diaper “)
  3. Required   – Eligibility : (ex: “US & Canada, 18 or older “)
  4. Required   – Expiration Date : (ex: “expires 5-19-19 “)
  5. Not required – brief description. Helpful, but not required.

Upload an Image:

Required  – This is required. We need an image to go with your listing. Preferably one of your prize or giveaway page screenshot, or giveaway ad banner. No larger than 800px x 800 px


Required – In the “post content” area please indicate if you’d prefer:

  1. $2 PayPal payment (also include  your PayPal email address, we will send you a request for payment)
  2. Otherwise please tell us the page on your website where I can find the reciprocal link to our website.


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