MY BALLS ARRIVED! ~~ Woolzies Dryer Ball Review

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This is my Woolzies Dryer Ball Review and GIVEAWAY!!! I am excited to share with you a new product that I picked up a while back – Woolzies wool dryer balls. As a busy mom, laundry is one of those chores that seems to never end. The minute I think I am done with laundry someone spills something or makes a new mess that requires an extra load. Any product that says that it will reduce my laundering time gets my attention in a big way.

Until very recently, I had never heard of the concept of using wool dryer balls in the laundry. A few months ago, I began hearing very good things about this little product. I began to see bloggers saying that wool dryer balls reduced drying time, replaced traditional fabric softener, and even reduced static! I will be honest; when I first heard all these wonderful claims, I was quite skeptical. I mean, how can a lump of wool do all this?

My Balls Arrived!

With all this good buzz about dryer balls, I was very excited when a few weeks ago a box of Marie’s Original Woolzies Dryer Balls that I ordered, arrived in my mailbox. The box contained six dryer balls made from pure wool. Woolzies dryer balls claim to do three things. First, according to their website, Woolzies dryer balls will reduce your drying time by 25%. Second, they will replace a traditional fabric softener. And finally, they will reduce static.


Since I do not use a fabric softener, I decided to evaluate this product based on its first claim to reduce drying time and its third claim to reduce static. To evaluate the Woolzies I broke my laundry into three different categories and tested drying times.

Microfiber, Minky And Hemp

The first type of load I process includes my microfiber, minky, and hemp diaper inserts. Without the Woolzies, I dry the inserts for 80 minutes. This amount of time usually completely dries my minky and microfiber inserts and leaves my hemp just a little damp. Once I started using the Woolzies, I was able to reduce my drying time to 60 minutes. While my hemp was still a little damp, my minky and microfiber inserts were completely dry. This change represents a 25% reduction in drying time.

All Other Types

The second type of load I process includes clothing of all types and materials. Without the Woolzies, I dry the clothing for approximately 60 minutes to get everything completely dry. With the Woolzies, I have been able to reduce my drying to time 40 minutes. This represents a 33% reduction in drying time.

Towels And Blankets

The third type of load I process is large loads of towels and/or blankets. The change I have experienced adding the Woolzies was similar to above, a reduction of around 33% of the drying time.

While I will admit that static has not been a huge issue with the humid summer weather, I can definitely say that the Woolzies reduced the static that I occasionally experience. To test the static reducing nature of the Woolzies, I placed several large fleece blankets in the dryer together. If I am going to experience static in my dryer, this is the load. When I pulled the lump of blankets out of the dryer, I was extremely pleased to see that there was no static charge at all!


For those of you who are eco-friendly mamas, this is a great product for you. Because Woolzies dryer balls reduce drying time, they reduce the amount of electricity used per drying load. I figure that I do about ten loads of laundry per week. The Woolzies decreased each load’s drying time by about 20 minutes, which results in almost 3.5 fewer hours running the dryer each week! As an added plus, if you use the dryer balls to replace a fabric softener or static eliminating dryer sheet, you are reducing the number of chemicals you use, which is definitely good for the environment and you!

Hand Made

In addition to being great for the environment, these dryer balls are also good for the global economy. Woolzies dryer balls are handmade in Nepal by women. This is really icing on the cake for me, as I love to support products that provide a way for women to sustain themselves.

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