BumGenius Freetime

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BumGenius Freetime

Mother’s Day is almost here, and we are celebrating with our love for cloth diapers!


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I am excited to announce that I am participating in the Daily Mothering Cloth Diaper Hop. Tales of a Cloth Diaper Mama has

bumGenius Freetime in Lovelace

teamed up with DiaperHQ to giveaway a bumGenius Freetime to one lucky reader. I have chosen to give away this diaper because it is one of my new favorites. The Freetime is an awesome little diaper, which is new, extremely absorbent, and easy to use!

This new diaper is an all-in-one diaper, meaning that all the components of the diaper are attached. The Freetime diaper has an outer waterproof layer with two semi-attached microfiber inserts with a stay¬-dry layer on top. Because this diaper is all-in-one, there is no need for stuffing which makes it extremely convenient to use.

Long Flight

I first fell in love with this diaper after going on a trip. We had an almost 4-hour plane ride, and I wanted to avoid changing a diaper mid-flight. I decided to pair the Freetime with a hemp insert by laying the hemp insert under the semi-attached inserts. To my pleasure and surprise, the diaper lasted, with no leaks, for over 6 hours. This is remarkable as my daughter is a very heavy wetter and was awake for the majority of this time. Typically, I change her every 2-3 hours to avoid leaking, but this diaper just kept on absorbing for over 6 hours.

After using the Freetime so successfully on the long flight, I began using it, again paired with a hemp insert, for the 12-13 hour overnight stretch. I have never had a diaper work better! Overnight diaper leaks were still happening with hemp stuffed pocket diapers and even with disposables. I was honestly beginning to believe that there was no overnight solution when I happened upon the Freetime. Now, I am switching over to Freetimes completely for the overnight stretch.

Long Drying Time

The biggest weakness I have found with the Freetime is that takes a long time to dry. I do not like to dry diapers with PUL in the dryer. Thus, I have to hang-dry the Freetime. The outer layer dries very quickly, but the microfiber attached inserts take quite a while to dry. Because of this, I would not suggest this being the only diaper in your stash. However, I would suggest that everyone has a few of these innovative and convenient diapers.

The only other minor weakness I have found with this diaper is its adjustability. The diaper has snaps to adjust the rise of the diaper. The rise can be adjusted to three different sizes (small, medium, and large). While I like the way this allows the diaper to be sized, I am often frustrated when the snaps come undone in the course of putting on the diaper on a wiggly baby.

The bumGenius Freetime diaper is manufactured by CottonBabies. It is available in 15 attractive colors including three new solid colors (Dazzle, Sassy, and Mirror) and two new patterns (Lovelace and Albert). The diaper is a one-size diaper intended to fit infants and toddlers from 8 to 35 pounds. It is available in snaps or hook and loop (Aplix). Be sure to check out this excellent diaper at DiaperHQ.

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  1. Geovanni Frami May 4, 2018 at 11:25 am

    I like that it’s one easy step!

  2. Norwood Howell May 4, 2018 at 11:20 am

    bumGenius Freetimes are my now go-to-diapers! They are very absorbent and have that awesome stay dry material so my LO does not get a red bum. Have not experienced any leaks even when fully soaked. Lastly, I can add inserts underneath the flaps if I need to. Also, easier to clean with sprayer compared to my other cloth diaper brands and styles.

  3. Adolf Olson I May 4, 2018 at 11:19 am

    I absolutely love these. These and the blueberry simplex organic AIO’s are my favorite out of everything I’ve tried. They fit my daughter really well and they are very well made. I’m very impressed with these diapers!!

  4. Miss Carlie Wisoky May 4, 2018 at 10:03 am

    Waterproof insert stopper* prevents leaking at the tummy. One step cloth diaper – no stuffing!

  5. I am not a huge fan of the flap AIO design because rinsing is a little bit more complicated, this diaper is great quality and we haven’t had any leaks which is saying a lot b cause we were new to this and had leaks in just about every other diaper while figuring them out!! I love it!

  6. Overall this is a really good diaper. They are durable, come clean easily, and have tons of absorbency. However they are a little bit bulky, and they aren’t the best fit on my really chubby baby.

  7. Francesco Kuhlman May 4, 2018 at 9:25 am

    My 9 month old is a heavy wetter at night and leaks at least 3 times a week. I have 24 of these and want to sale some of the to buy some other option of over night.

  8. Dr. Bryce Wolf III May 4, 2018 at 9:03 am

    These diapers wash well and dry super fast. My stash contains 24 of these alone.

  9. I really wanted to love this diaper but I found it to be just to bulky for day time. Worked great as a night diaper from about 3-6 months though!

  10. Bumgenius Freetimes!!

    I also used prefolds in the first few months when I could use the same cover a few changes in a row.

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